Have your website rankings dropped? Are you losing valuable website traffic? It could be the result of a Google penalty.

If your site was hit by a Google Penalty, it is likely that your site's profile appears unnatural or over-optimized. In other words, Google believes you were trying too hard to rank or took short cuts to try and game the system (even if that's not the case).

SEP's Google Penalty Identification Assessment is a service that analyzes the profile of your site and identifies:

  1. If there is a penalty likely issued against your website
  2. Which penalty your website has been affected by
  3. A high-level action plan of immediate steps to take to address the penalty

After the initial action plan, SEP will work with you to establish a long-term Google penalty recovery strategy that will help get your website back in compliance with Google's guidelines and help protect your site from further penalties.

How do Google Penalties Work?

Google updates, changes or modifies its algorithm upwards of 550 times per year, meaning the ingredients used to rank websites are constantly in flux. Every so often large updates or changes, such as Google Penguin or Panda, are rolled out, which have the potential to significantly impact website rankings and performance. These changes are accompanied by penalties -- issuances that indicate your website is not in compliance with Google's guidelines. There are two primary types of penalties:

  1. Algorithmic Penalties - These are completely automated. Googles algorithm detects that (they believe) certain rules are being broken and penalizes your site accordingly.
  2. Manual Penalties - These are issued manually by a human reviewer when the algorithm cannot determine if a penalty should be issued.

Google penalties can be further broken down into content and link penalties: the former penalize duplicate, low-quality or thin content; the latter penalize questionable link profiles, such as link buying. Both content and link penalties can be issued algorithmically or manually.

Has your website been affected by a Google Penalty? Find out today with SEP's Penalty Assessment and Recovery service!


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