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How To Best Choose an SEO Partner:

Tip #1:
Unlike many other services, SEO is an opportunity for companies in the industry to publicly display exactly how good they are. If you think about it, shouldn't a company that proposes to get sites rankings as a profession, be able to get their own site ranking for relevant terms?

If that's the case, perform searches for:

Those sites ranking high in the search results, are obviously the most talented. Use that knowledge to your advantage.

Tip #2:
Some companies in the SEO space, have figured out that they can secure high rankings, by having all their client sites link back to their sites … after all, links from other sites drive much of Google's algorithm. That said, this is not a technique that they can bring to bear for clients, and at the same time is a very questionnable tactic. Each time they do this, they drain power from their client sites, and funnel it to their own.

So take some time to review their client sites, and see if in fact this is a strategy that your potential SEO vendor is engaging in.

Tip #3:
One of the most powerful impacts of social media, is the ability of people to leave reviews about each and every business, for all to see. To see what is being said about companies you're considering partnering with for SEO services, perform a search for:
"company name" fraud OR SCAM (then read through the resulting pages)

SEP's expertise is unmatched in organic search (SEO), paid search, local search, social media marketing, web analytics, call and campaign tracking. Together, the right combination of these strategies with our know how and your product or service, will conspire to generate business for you online.

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