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The days of $0.02 clicks are way, way behind us. Today’s Search Engine Marketing and PPC are driven by strategic keyword research, effective account structuring, progressive bidding techniques and conversion optimization.

But a lead is a lead is a lead, right? Not exactly. You might have a brag-worthy funnel, but what are your sales like? We ask these types of questions because we are laser pointer focused on driving quality leads through SEM that impact actual revenue numbers.   

Thanks to SEP’s top-level partnerships with all major platforms we have access to an incredible amount of consumer data. Help us help you. Tell us about your marketing goals we’ll tap that well of data and wealth of experience to build an SEM strategy that will drive quality leads and revenue.

Get in front of the right audience.

We use audience targeting, behaviour analysis and consumer data to give us (almost creepy) insights into your buyers. That way you can market to the right people, at exactly the right time.

Move the needle faster.

It takes time to develop an organic presence online, but pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most immediate ways to target customers directly, and see results roll in.

Make every click count.

When we launch campaigns, we don’t waste a single valuable click. Our team is agile and hands-on, regularly testing, measuring, and optimizing for performance.

SEP by the numbers.

Successful Projects
20+ Years
As Industry Leaders
Google Partner in Canada

Excellent team of people with a lot of knowledge to share. They have been very responsive and have made sure we are aware of everything they are doing at all times, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Melissa Clemance

Director of PR & Communications

On a weekly and monthly basis, we receive accurate, timely results alongside suggestions on how to continuously improve our activities. The SEP team tackles each new challenge with innovative thinking and results-driven strategy. They work side-by-side with members of our team in partnership. They care and it's evident from the great work they do.

Laura Bradley

Senior Specialist, Digital Communications, SickKids Foundation

Since we have engaged Search Engine People to run our search and social advertising campaigns, we've seen nothing but strong results. Our conversion rates increased by 30% and CPAs have dropped a whopping 66%. With amazing results like these we count on SEP's expertise and advice to keep moving our business forward.

Josey Matos

Senior Marketing Manager, Acquisition & Awareness

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