Promote Content, Build Community and Drive Engagement with Twitter advertising

With organic reach likely to plummet on the social network, Twitter advertising is becoming a more important component of an effective Twitter marketing strategy. Paid advertising on Twitter is a viable option for brands for two reasons:

  1. Twitter advertising options have continued to improve dramatically since its IPO
  2. Developing a paid strategy now means you'll be prepared when organic reach all but disappears.

SEP's team of social media marketing experts can help your brand ensure that your Twitter ads perform optimally to promote content, build community, and drive engagement. We will work with you to develop a custom, comprehensive Twitter marketing strategy that incorporates both paid and organic tactics in order to meet your goals and objectives. Our Twitter advertising services include:

  • Promoted Tweets this Twitter ad option allows you to increase the exposure of your tweet and target by keyword, interests, location, device, or audience similarity.
  • Promoted Accounts target particular users to follow your brand and build a more engaged, relevant audience more quickly
  • Promoted Trends create conversations, build awareness for new products and promote events with this Twitter advertising option
  • Comprehensive Campaigns we will develop a custom, objective-based campaign that align with your business goals, whether that be increasing your following, driving traffic to your website or beyond
  • Measurement, Reporting and Optimization as part of your Twitter marketing strategy, we will monitor, track and report the performance of your Twitter advertising through Twitter analytics. Using this data we will optimize your campaign to maximize the ROI from your ad spend

Start getting the results you want from your Twitter marketing strategy with Twitter advertising services from SEP. Call us today at 1-877-584-7304 or request your free social media marketing quote!