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YouTube Advertising

If your business is looking for a new and exciting way to reach newcustomers, YouTube advertising is the method for you. Videos can make an emotional connection to viewers and create more interest than standard image advertisements can, making them an important mediumfor marketing your product or service to potential customers. Additionally, traditional banner and image ads are still an option on YouTube, so you can decide which media forms you would like to use.

Due to YouTube being owned by Google, the tools and standards that are required for successful advertising are similar, if not many times the same on both websites. This is especially important for our team at Search Engine People, as we were the first Google AdWords certified company in Canada and have maintained industry leadership with these systems.

YouTube Advertising Targeting

With analytical software and Google AdWords tools, were able to target highly specific groups of viewers to become potential clients. Be it certain interests, demographics, or searched terms, your YouTube ad can be shown to only those groups you particularly want viewing your ad. Instead of placing the ad on a webpage or buying digital space to display the ad in hopes that it attracts viewers, YouTube ads are only paid for when someone engages with the ad. This means that you pay to advertise to people who watch the ad or interact with it, which will not only save you money but give you a better ROI.

YouTube has over one million viewers that interact and view six billion hours worth of content, so its no surprise that it is an excellent digital space to utilize and reach out to potential customers with. Be it a video, banner, or display advertisement, your ads are guaranteed to be noticed. Interested in beginning a new advertising campaign with YouTube ads? Contact our experts at Search Engine People and let us guide you to success.