Content Promotion Strategies

With every passing minute, there are over 900 WordPress blog posts being published, 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube, 360,000 Tweets are sent and 216,000 photos shared on Instagram. With this much content created, and constantly growing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to cut through the clutter and reach their prospects and customers.

Keyword optimized website content is an important first step in promoting your digital content, but it can be supplemented with additional promotional tools. Hitting the 'publish blog' button is not good enough - you must take a strategic, well-planned and active approach to promoting your content. Pro-actively promoting your content through social networks is an essential part of the marketing mix to direct traffic back to your website, generate leads for your business and move customers through your sales cycle.

Choose SEP for Your Content Promotion Needs

At SEP, we develop strategies that align your content promotion goals with business goals. We can help you decide what goals are important for your business, and build out a content promotion plan that helps you reach them. Through analysis of your goals, target audience and content offerings, we will identify which social networks are best suited to your promotion strategy. Depending on your product or service, your content may be best suited to users of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even LinkedIn. A content promotion strategy will also include information such as what days of the week are best suited for online publishing, or which hours of the day your targeted audience is most likely to see your content.

Content promotion allows for your business to focus on specific target markets, and make sure that your content is being put in front of your potential customers. By creating a well thought out promotional campaign, SEP will ensure that your content is gets the exposure it deserves.