Case Study: Financial Services Client

A bump in conversion rates leads to a mountain of new revenue


A client in the financial industry with over 35 years of experience came to Search Engine People for help to increase the Conversion Rates on their website.

Although the website had a steadily increasing amount of traffic, the client wanted more sales and qualified leads.


With the goal of increasing conversion rates for leads and phone calls, SEP performed an analysis of the current site and made specific recommendations for improving the site. SEP identified key areas that needed improvement which included website’s trust factors, imagery and placement of calls-to-actions.

The Conversion Optimization team, in collaboration with the Creative & Development teams redesigned the homepage of the site along with the header, and implemented the changes.

SEP added conversion points, calls to action, more prominently displayed trust factors, and clearer benefit statements.



Upon the implementation of recommended changes the website began converting website visitors at a higher rate.

Within the first 2 months, the client saw an increase in revenue. Prior to the changes to the site, the conversion rate fluctuated between 0.37% and 0.55%, and this increased to 0.7%.


Though the increase was small, the value of the increased conversions was signficant, $8000 within the first 2 months.