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Ready to Rank Higher? Dominate the SERPs with the Top Ottawa SEO Agency

Elevating your website's ranking is critical to SEO success. Our SEO experts use cutting-edge software and unique tools to discover the typical keywords your target market uses. Still, because the Ottawa SEO landscape is highly competitive, we'll also want to get an in-depth understanding of your business, industry and competition so we can create a custom SEO strategy that not only wins but outsmarts your competitors and achieves genuinely impressive results.

Shatter Expectations: Ottawa SEO That Delivers

Searching for an Ottawa SEO agency that can deliver the best possible results? At Search Engine People, we've assembled a dream team of SEO specialists who can do just that. With a 20-year track record of creating SEO success for 2000+ Canadian clients, we know how to boost online businesses in Ottawa and beyond. And that's not just a lot of fancy talk. That's a fact.

SEO in Ottawa? We live and breathe it. Whether you're an established property management company in Barrhaven or a growing pet grooming company in Nepean, we'll get a custom Ottawa SEO strategy on your desk faster than you can say Confederation Heights. Ready to upsize your digital footprint with SEO magic that grabs Google's attention and keeps it? Let's get working and take your competitors out of contention.

Ottawa SEO: Outsmart Your Competitors, Not Just Outrank Them

Ensuring you outrank your competitors is about enabling your business to achieve long-lasting success. It's also just the starting line for our SEO efforts and not even close to the ongoing accomplishments we aim to achieve. So, how do we do our special SEO voodoo that leaves your rivals in the digital dust? Simple. We craft Ottawa SEO campaigns that are so smart and sophisticated that your business begins to set benchmarks for lead captures, website traffic, and sales. Not only do they push the usual boundaries in your sector, but they redraw the Ottawa SEO map entirely. Ready to send your competitors packing?

The SEO Game Has Changed, and We’re the Game Changers

We didn't create SEO success for 2,000+ Canadian companies – including many in Ottawa – by using yesterday's SEO strategies to solve today's challenges. The rapid evolution of consumer preferences, shifts in search engine algorithms, and AI's introduction have changed the SEO game. To win, you need an Ottawa SEO agency that's somehow managed to stay ahead of the curve and can bring game-changing insights, technology and creativity to the boardroom. Search Engine People checks all those boxes and more!

Partner with us, and let's start writing your story, including chapters on incredible traffic increases and skyrocketing sales. Ready to flip the SEO gameboard for outstanding results?

Looking for a Ottawa SEO Company That Really Knows Its Stuff?

Search Engine People is Canada’s top SEO agency.

We're an Ottawa SEO agency with credentials that others can't match. In fact, we were Google's FIRST Premier Partner in Canada – the highest level any SEO agency can attain – in recognition of our ability to maximize campaign success for our clients.

We get amazing results by ensuring our SEO team is continually re-certified with the latest learning in search engine optimization strategies, techniques, and tactics, as well as by utilizing the exclusive research, insights, and beta features that come with our Premier Partner status.

Search Engine People's custom SEO services for Ottawa businesses are designed to deliver more leads, conversions, and sales. And while we can't promise specific rankings – in fact, NOBODY can – we're so sure our organic SEO work will surpass your expectations, we guarantee it.

It's also why we're one of the few SEO companies in Ottawa that doesn't make you sign a long-term contract. We'll demonstrate our skills before we ask you to sign on the dotted line.

Our team is eager to score big wins for yours.

Ready to make us EARN your business?

Win Big in Ottawa: SEO Makes All the Difference

To say today's business landscape is in flux might be the understatement of the century. Even though search engine optimization remains one of the most effective digital tactics to attract, engage, and convert QUALIFIED customers, to keep those customers coming back for more, SEO agencies need to continue developing innovative SEO solutions for their clients.

Search Engine People is ready to create a unique strategy that maximizes results no matter how many times or ways your company needs to pivot to keep up with today's unpredictable economic and consumer trends.


We’re so confident we’ll have a positive impact on your business, we guarantee it.

How SEP’s Search Engine Services in Ottawa Can Help You

Rank for Qualifying Keywords

Before you can engage and convert customers, they need to find you. And they won't be able to if you don't rank well. Why? Because most of the traffic associated with any given keyword or keyword string is captured by the top three results on page one of Google's SERPs.

And not just any keywords will move the needle. You need to focus with laser-like precision on the SEO keywords your IDEAL customers type when researching products and services like yours. At Search Engine People, we map buyer personas to intent and search behaviour to ensure we capture those keywords.

Oh yeah, and we also analyze your competitors' tactics so we can one-up them and create a custom SEO strategy that keeps your team ahead.

Engage with the Right People at the Right Time!

SEO campaigns that deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time are a dying breed – except over here at our offices. We make every connection count by reeling in prospects who are on the lookout for what you're offering. Want an SEO strategy that clicks with your customers so they're happy to return the favour? We'll create one for you!

Nail Bottom-of-Funnel SEO

Everyone wants increased sales and ROI through the roof. Engaging your target market when they're in the mood to buy is part of the Ottawa SEO special sauce we'll whip up for your company. We'll help you optimize your content with bottom-of-the-funnel keywords that resonate so users get the warm-and-fuzzies the minute your listings show up on Google's results pages. And if you want us to create new content from scratch, we can do that, too. Talk about a match made in heaven!

Build an Inbound Lead Gen Engine

Inbound marketing is the bomb! Why? Because consumers are twice as likely to convert when they're in charge of how and when they interact with your brand. Our Ottawa SEO strategies will sync your marketing messages with keywords that signal intent and ensure your best prospects browse information in the format they prefer – whether that's text, images or videos – so they gain trust in your brand. The result? You gain up to 61% savings in conversion costs!

Ottawa SEO Magic: Big Brands Bet on Us & Win!

Ready to shift your Ottawa SEO out of neutral and into overdrive? Partner with us for all your SEO needs, and together, we won't just play the game; we'll rewrite the rules. Whether your logo is known the world over or just in your neighbourhood, if you're ready to aspire to bigger things, we're ready to be the SEO agency that gives you the leg up you're looking for.

Our Standard Ottawa SEO Services Include:

  • Crawlability Audits
  • SEO Audits
  • Site Speed Audits
  • Technical SEO
  • Organic Search
  • Local SEO
  • Content Creation
  • New Site Launch Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Competitor Research
  • Penalty Audits (and Strategies for Penalty Repairs)

Sorry. The non-standard, tricky, out-of-the-box stuff is TOP SECRET.

Our Ottawa SEO Team Can Help!

Our goal is to AMPLIFY your brand so customers hear your marketing messages loud and clear as they search for the products and services they need. We want to help grow your business—not just today but tomorrow and every day after that.

Are you ready to watch your website traffic climb to new heights and your sales tag along for the ride? Whether you want to franchise your big idea across Canada or build a solid foundation for unlimited success in O-town, let's get you on your way with Ottawa SEO that wins.

Don't let your competitors edge you out of an opportunity that should have been yours.

Connect with us at today, and let us create a custom SEO strategy for your organization that takes today's targets and turns them into tomorrow's triumphs.