Case Study: Dan Plowman Team

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How our SEO Agency helped to recover from a Google Penalty


For many years, real estate brokerage Dan Plowman Team Realty Inc., Brokerage enjoyed great visibility on search engines. Their website performed exceptionally well for many of its target keywords, regularly generating a growing list of clients.

However, in Spring of 2013 the brokerage noticed a significant decrease in visits to the website. It was identified that most of the lost traffic was from organic searches, but no one was able to pinpoint the reason behind the dramatic drop in rankings.


To help remedy the situation, identify the cause of traffic loss and regain it, Dan Plowman Team Realty Inc., Brokerage reached out to Search Engine People for possible solutions. SEP performed an in-depth audit of the website which included reviewing internal site architecture, content, and link profiles.It was determined that the website was hit by Google’s Penguin Penalty.

SEO experts at Search Engine People developed a high-level strategy and a roadmap to help recover from the penalty with the ultimate goal of regaining lost traffic.

Knowing that penalty recoveries are extremely challenging, require a great deal of patience and do not guarantee recovery, SEP worked closely with the client by continually providing detailed updates,transparency into work performed and regular reporting.

While working and waiting for a penalty reversal, SEP also implemented other tactics to bring traffic back to the website, such as Social Media and Google Local.


With perseverance, patience, clear strategy and flawless execution, Dan Plowman Team Realty Inc.,Brokerage’s website had its penalty lifted, and is now regaining the lost traffic. Year-Over-Year, Organic traffic in November 2014 had a 91% increase over November 2013.

By implementing additional strategies, Dan Plowman Team Realty Inc., Brokerage’s website is now served up in Local Search Results, including maps.



Social Referral traffic has also increased - where it used to trend in the 100’s of visits, in November the website received over 400 visits from all Social channels.

When our website traffic dropped significantly, we enlisted the help of Search Engine People to correct the issue. They were able to identify that we had been hit by a Google Penalty, and devise a clear, actionable strategy to help us recover our lost traffic. Since working with SEP, not only has the Penalty been lifted, but we’re also seeing an increase in traffic to our website.

Dan Plowman
Dan Plowman Team Realty Inc., Brokerage