Jeff Quipp

Jeff Quipp
Jeff QuippCEO

Jeff Quipp is founder and CEO of Search Engine People Inc. (SEP), Canada’s largest search marketing agency. From humble beginnings, Jeff helped to pioneer an entire industry, and in the process has grown SEP to become the defacto standard for search marketing excellence worldwide.

Since 2001, Jeff has grown SEP to over 100 employees, has seen SEP make Profit Magazine’s list of the Fastest Growing Companies in Canada in 6 consecutive years, and has made his company’s B2B website, one of the 20,000 most trafficked websites on the planet today. Jeff has an MBA and an undergraduate degree in Economics. He writes for the Financial Post, Huffington Post, Profit Magazine, Globe & Mail, and many other publications. Jeff is considered one of the foremost authorities on search and digital marketing today, and has an uncanny ability to see the industry unfold years before it does.

The Future of Technology – Friend or Foe?

Where is technology going? Will technology make our lives easier, or will robots ultimately seek to eliminate us? In this fascinating discussion, Jeff talks about the projects being worked on by some of today’s most provocative and influential thought leaders and scientists, and will look at the implications of some of these technologies. Knowing and understanding the direction of technology development will help improve both business and individual decision making processes. In the near future, many jobs will be eliminated, replaced by artificial intelligence. But some cannot. Which industries and jobs are most at risk to be automated?

Will Your Business Survive The Digital Marketing Revolution?

The advent of the internet has fundamentally changed the way most of us make purchases, and likewise, so too has marketing to us changed. But most companies remain dangerously unaware of the threats posed by this revolution, or of the opportunities. In this keynote, Jeff discusses a conceptual view of the new marketing paradigm, highlighting where opportunities lie, and details a number of “to dos” that companies can implement immediately to impact their performance and bottom lines. From search and Google, to social media, to marketing automation, and beyond, change means opportunities for those willing and prepared.

Entrepreneurship (Lessons Learned At The School Of Hard Knocks)

Most business owners have a dream. To build something with enough enduring value that it permits them to achieve their lifelong goals. Often, this means making the business attractive enough that others want to acquire the business. This keynote is a look at the many situations (sometimes comical) Jeff has encountered in growing his business, how he responded to those situations, their outcomes… and what he would have changed if confronted with the same situation again. This presentation can save entrepreneurs years of lost profitability, frustrations, friendships, and even sanity.

SEO – Google Demystified

Since its inception in 1998, Google has grown to take on a life of its own and become a verb in our vocabulary. The fate of many businesses is decided by Google. So how is a business supposed to anticipate Google’s future decisions, and stay in Google’s favour for the long term? In this keynote, Jeff will explain in Laymen’s terms, what the key drivers of Google’s success are, and knowing this paints a clear picture of what Google will consider important in the foreseeable future. Jeff will then detail the elements that business owners can affect almost immediately, to improve their search performance.