Google Local Search Ads


Now you can leverage your Google paid search campaigns to feature ads in Google’s Local Maps results

What Are Google Local Search Ads

When people search for nearby businesses on or Google Maps, they may see local search ads that feature your business locations. The ads are designed to give local businesses additional opportunities to feature their brands with the goal of increasing traffic, particularly when consumers are searching on a mobile device.

How You Can Benefit From Google Local Search Ads

Google Maps ad placements will help increase your business’ visibility at times when consumers are specifically searching for a local business or service. A third of mobile searches have local intent and mobile local searches have grown 50 percent more quickly than any other mobile search type. These searches create a large, growing opportunity to capture new customers and gain more visibility over competitors for local searches.

Advertising on Google Maps is a powerful way to attract nearby customers, and if you are not currently found in the top three ranking positions or in the top local map positions, you now have another opportunity to outrank your competition, get more visits, calls, and leads.

What Do Google Local Search Ads Cost

You will need to be running AdWords and and have a Google local business page. Than you'll be charged a standard cost-per-click (CPC) for these types of clicks on local search ads:

  • Get location detail
  • Get directions
  • Mobile clicks-to-call
  • Website clicks

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