Homestars Advertising

When your business works in a specific or niche market, it can be difficult to find ways to properly advertise to potential customers. This is why at SEP we specialize in advertising and marking techniques on websites like Homestars, where your business can attract the exact kind of potential clients you want to find. Instead of hoping potential customers will stumble upon your website, familiarize yourself with our Homestars advertising process and let us help you instead!

Homestars is a digital database of home renovators, designers and contractors that runs on a review ranking system. You cannot buy perfect ratings or fictional reviews, meaning that just a single bad review can force you down to the last page. This means that the content you provide and the promotional and sponsored advertisements you place on the website needs to be accurately representational of the quality of your business. This can be troublesome for large businesses that may not have a perfect history, but a fantastic opportunity for small companies that require inexpensive marketing options.

Homestars allows companies to pay for certain membership options, like advertisement sponsorship and being featured in more than one service category. These allow for a broader audience reach, but must have perfected web content to effectively attract these viewers. With appealing content and placement, your Homestars account can bring you new and exciting leads.

To maximize your viewership and outreach on review based websites, let SEP help promote your business. For more information on our Homestars advertising abilities and to get started, contact Search Engine People today!