Digital Marketing Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are the essential first step in any Inbound Marketing campaign. They let everybody on your team know exactly who your ideal customer is so that they can create relevant, remarkable content. The more detailed and accurate your buyer persona is, the more relevant and effective your inbound marketing campaign.

With buyer persona development from SEP, you can benefit from:

  • Stronger return on your marketing investment
  • Improved conversion rates
  • More qualified leads, and more of them
  • Better, more efficient marketing messaging
  • More effective content planning
  • A true understanding of who your target buyers are and what they need to make a purchasing decision

Our Buyer Persona Development Process

At SEP, we use a multi-faceted, comprehensive approach to develop detailed buyer personas that help our clients identify and truly understand who their ideal buyers are, and how to create marketing that they will love. Here are some of the elements of our process:

  • Discovery Interviews - the first step in our buyer persona development process is conducting discovery interviews with clients to determine how they perceive their target buyers. In these interviews, we will gain insight into the typical buying processes of your customers.
  • Customer Interviews - we will organize and conduct interviews with your past customers on your behalf to delve deeper into what they were looking for when choosing a vendor, how they identified they needed a solution like yours, and ultimately why they decided to choose you over competitors.
  • Industry Research - SEP will conduct ancillary competitive research to refine and supplement the information we have gathered from the discovery and customer interviews in order to gain further insight into how your ideal buyers progress through the sales funnel, and what kind of information they need at every stage.