Inbound Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Services

Get inbound marketing automation that works. Remain engaged with prospects, save time, and market more effectively.

Marketing automation is an important aspect of the inbound marketing methodology, allowing you to leverage data about your prospective customers to serve them the right offers, at the right time, over the right avenues. With marketing automation from SEP, you will:

  • Improve communication between sales and marketing
  • Save time through automating time-consuming marketing tactics
  • Maintain consistent brand messaging
  • Identify and take advantage of opportunities
  • Remain engaged with prospects throughout the buying cycle

Our Inbound Marketing Automation Products and Services

We're a Certified Hubspot Partner, and we use the Hubspot all-in-one marketing platform to help our clients achieve their inbound marketing automation goals. The marketing automation services we offer include:

  • Email Marketing - Engage your prospects with highly-targeted, personalized messaging that caters to their lifecycle stage and behavioural patterns
  • Calls-To-Action (CTAs) - We will develop smart CTAs that adjust depending on what your prospect is looking for and where they are located in the sales funnel
  • Lead Scoring - We will rank your leads to determine how qualified they are in order to adjust marketing strategies and deliver more targeted marketing communications
  • Content Customization - We will create customized marketing content that caters specifically to each of your leads, so that they are presented the information they need to progress through the sales funnel
  • Lead Reengagement - Reengage leads that have been inactive in order to revamp their interest in your service or product.
  • More solutions including automatic contact clean-up, opportunity identification, progressive client profiling and beyond.