Social Media & Marketing Automation

Todays complete marketing automation solutions offer great options for maintaining an active social media presence. Platforms like HubSpot allow users to create and execute their social media editorial calendar as well as interact with fans and followers directly, without ever leaving the software. This makes it simple to connect and engage with your social media communities from a centralized location, rather than managing each social profile separately. Additionally, marketing automation platforms make it possible to schedule and optimize the timing of your social media posts for maximum exposure of any content you produce as part of online marketing strategy.

Both engaging with followers and distributing your content across social media are essential components of your marketing automation efforts. Reaching the right users at the right time on your social networks is possible with the help of the latest inbound marketing tools and the expert knowledge of our team!

Why SEP for Inbound Marketing & Social Media?

Search Engine Peoples Marketing Automation specialists can effectively integrate you social media strategy into your inbound marketing plan. From distributing your content across your companys social media profiles, to answering user questions and monitoring opportunities to engage with your leads, we will leverage marketing automation and social media tools to ensure you have an active presence on social. Our team can also analyze the performance of your social media posts to determine which types of content are most effective and which simply dont work so we can continually refine your strategy.

To learn more about integrating your marketing automation and social media efforts, contact SEPs Inbound Marketing team today!