Smarketing: Sales and Marketing Automation Alignment

Are your sales and marketing aligned? Divisions between the two are common in many organizations, but it could be harming your business more than you think. In fact, businesses with aligned sales and marketing teams achieved 20% more annual revenue growth, while those without saw revenues drop by 4%! (Aberdeen Group)

That's where "Smarketing" comes in. As the term suggests, it is the marriage of sales and marketing into a single cohesive unit, with the purpose of helping your business get more customers, more efficiently.

At SEP, we use the Inbound Marketing methodology to help our clients achieve sales and marketing alignment. Specifically, our services will:

  • Enhance intelligence and information sharing between your sales and marketing
  • Coordinate sales and marketing efforts to achieve common goals
  • Improve lead nurturing and lead scoring so that leads are prioritized for sales people to focus on
  • Leverage marketing automation to set notifications and events for sales to follow up on
  • Provide a single platform to unite your two teams so they can review information in the same place

The Advantages of Sales and Marketing Alignment

The main reason why the Inbound Marketing methodology is so effective is because it takes traditionally siloed components of your business sales and marketing and facilitates coordination. It helps you define buyer personas, consistently define your funnel, improve lead quality, more accurately identify MQLs, outline common objectives and have your sales and marketing work towards common goals. The result: a unified "smarketing" strategy that shortens the buying cycle and grows your customer base.