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We help great law firms drive more qualified leads. Since 2001 we have helped countless law firms grow with Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC and Lead Generation.

We Help Great Firms Grow

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User Journey, From Zero To Retainer

Put the Tech to Work

We are just any law firm marketing agency. We are specialists fueled by proprietary tech.

Our technology allows us to pull key data, insights and trends that will certainly lead to more clients on retainer.

Discovery & Competition Analysis

Identify your Key areas of practice, ideal clients and Key differentiators. We feed this information into your system and begin a process of intensive research.

Having an in-depth understanding of what strategies your competitors are bringing to market allows us to surpass all others.

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Strategy and Execution

Using all of the qualitative and quantitative information available to us we develop a specific and unique go to market strategy.

We routinely deliver, optimize, improve and repeat the process. consistently striving to drive more leads of a greater quality allowing you to focus on servicing your clients.

Improved Form Fill Experience

The largest barrier between visiting your site and becoming a client is the form fill process. For many this is a sensitive/vulnerable time. We must remove barriers.

We provide complete funnel analysis, form optimization, integration with your systems and ongoing improvements. Turning more visitors into leads.

Best Law Firm Marketing Agency, Hands Down.

- Howard Levitt, Levitt LLP

"SEP's strategies significantly outperformed our expectations!'

Thier team’s responsiveness and detailed analysis made all the difference in refining our digital strategy. You’re a pleasure to do business with!


Increase in leads


Increase in Conversion Rate from Display


Decrease in CPA


Get Found.

Through a combination of SEO, PPC and Social Media we can ensure you are found by the right individuals at the right time. Being visible when a need arises is the first (and arguable largest) step in a process that leads from need to retainer.

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Get More Traffic.

While showing up is the first step it along will not guarantee success. There are plenty of firms and competition is fierce. How will you stand out?

We work to strategically position you as the obvious choice. Turning more views into clicks and bring prespective clients into you site. Here we can control the process and move them towards a conversion point.

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Grow Your Firm.

Now that we have them on the site it is time to convert them. A deep understanding of user journey and a focus on removing pain points allows us to convert more of your traffic.

Once they convert, we share data directly with your CRM allowing for the measurement of lead quality. With this data we can refine campaigns over to time to not just drive more leads but also better leads.

“They had worked with some of the best in my industry before, and this made a big difference for me. Projects have been successful. I am a picky client and I think they go above and beyond.”

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Joshua Harris

Harris & Partners

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Grow Your Firm Exponentially. Find Out How We Helped Levitt LLP Law Grow By 226%

A walkthrough of the strategy that led to a massive increase in new leads and increased retainers. Find out how we generated better leads with a 59% reduction in cost per lead.

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