What is a Crawlability Audit?

Did you know? If your site has errors, including 404 errors, broken links, or other broken pages, this can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. Additionally, these errors can be extremely frustrating for your potential customers when they visit your website. One way to remedy these issues is with a Crawlability Audit.

Crawlability refers to the ability of search engines to crawl through all of the content of your website, and ability to navigate to each page without encountering errors or redirects. Crawlability is a fundamental aspect of SEO, and if a search engine cannot find your content, it then cannot index it or rank it in search engine results.

A Crawlability Audit is an excellent way to confirm that a website's content can be both crawled and indexed by search engines. If your website has recently moved to a new URL, or you have changed its URL structure, you may need an Audit.

How Does SEP's Crawlability Audit Work?

Our tools will crawl your website in a similar manner to Google in order to identify any issues such as 404 errors, server errors, 302 temporary redirects and more. We'll also be able to uncover any duplicate content, server redirects, errors in on-page factors, check for a site map (or create one if necessary) and identify pages that are blocked by robots.txt. In order to recover the valuable links that are lost due to these errors, we will highlight any pages that feature external links so these can be prioritized and corrected.

Benefits of a Crawlability Audit

  • Make sure that your critical site content is crawled and indexed by search engines.
  • Improve the efficiency at which search engines are crawling your website.
  • Reclaim lost "link juice" by redirecting external links from error pages to working pages.
  • Improve user experience by removing frustrating error pages.
  • Identify duplicate content that can be addressed to prevent or recover from Google's Panda algorithm update.
  • Discover opportunities to improve important on-page factors like Title and Meta tags, which can boost your rankings and click through rates.

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