Gain an edge over your competition, Maximize your Local SEO strategy, and Drive more local sales.

How does your business compare to the competition? With SEP, well help you identify the opportunities you need to out-perform your main competitors and win more local business. We will:

  • Analyze your competitors that are ranking in local results
  • Determine which local keywords they are ranking for
  • Identify opportunities to improve your local SEO and build citations

Our Process for Local SEO Competition Analysis

SEP analyzes competitors that are currently in the local results (the local 7 pack) for a specified keyword and identifies potential citation sources that you can take advantage of in order to improve online visibility and build brand awareness. The 7 pack refers to the 7 highest ranking local search results for a particular geographically related keyword.

To find citation opportunities, we use specifically engineered proprietary software that identifies your competitors citation sources. We then explore these sites and analyze them based on relevancy, level of quality, and whether or not they adhere to search engine guidelines. We pursue citations for those sources that meet our standards, which ultimately helps to improve your local search rankings, build authority, and drive highly targeted local traffic back to your website.