Social Media Contest Marketing

Many companies are coming up with innovative social media contest ideas to get the word out about a new brand or product. In addition to generating awareness for your brand, executing a well-crafted contest on social media can yield several benefits.

Build Fan Base

Promoting a contest can be great strategy for attracting new fans, especially when paid tactics and targeting capabilities are utilized. Target users outside of your current fan base, or create a contest, giveaway or sweepstakes to re-engage existing fans.

Bolster Brand Loyalty

A social media contest can also support fan retention and strengthen brand loyalty. By promoting exclusive prizes, brands are rewarding as well as rekindling fan interest. Furthermore, it's nice for fans to know that an organization hasn't forgotten about them after a conversion occurs, whether this be a brochure download, an email sign-up or a product purchase.

Drive Engagement

Unlike other types of social updates, a contest can really stand out in a user's social feed and encourage interaction. Depending on the imagery, messaging or perceived value of the prize, advertisers can employ contests to inspire multiple engagements, such as comments, likes or shares.

Boost Sales

If a potential customer engages with a particular brand or business online, they are more likely to spend their money with that business, too. Being top of mind and executing regular social updates including well-timed contests - can support revenue growth.

SEP's Social Media Contest Strategies

If advertisers want to boost brand awareness, add new members to their social community, engage their current fan base, drive engagement and increase sales, they should consider adding social media contests to their digital strategy.

At SEP, we have always been on the forefront of new and exciting social media strategies. From developing a unique social media contest ideas, to implementing a contest platform, creating related graphics and promoting the contest, our experts can handle all aspects of your social sweepstakes.

Not only will SEP's Social Media team execute your contest idea, we will also ensure it adheres to all legal considerations for your region, and conforms to all contest rules set out by the major social networking platforms.

With SEP, you'll be able to run a successful social media contest!

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