Your Website is the First Salesperson Your Prospect Meets.

Are You Certain Your Website is Making the Sale?

Let Search Engine People's data-driven, obsessive Conversion Optimization experts help you increase the effectiveness of your current marketing budget, so you can close more deals. Doubling your traffic is hard - double your conversion rate instead.

See the kind of results that SEP has delivered for our clients:

Conversion Rate Results

Actual Recent Results for SEP Conversion Rate Optimization

You Need Conversion Optimization Services if:

  • Has anyone ever called you and asked you to explain what you sell after being on your site?
  • Do you think you should be getting more calls or sales from your website?
  • Do you think there's even a small chance your forms or conversion points don't work?
  • Was your website designed without involving a Conversion Optimization specialist?
  • Is your competition doing a decent job?
  • Most importantly: do you think you could be doing more than you are?

How SEP Conversion Optimization Works

First - We get good data

Search Engine People's Conversion Optimization Professionals will track how people are using your site right now. If you've got the budget for it, we will do usability testing, which shows you video of real people using your site, and tells you what your customers really think. Our clients love our usability testing!

If you can't do usability testing right now, not to worry! We have a suite of tools for clients on a budget, and can use heatmapping to see what your visitors are doing on your site. We can see where your visitors click, scroll, and move their mouse - and this tells us what your visitors are looking at, and what they are ignoring, (like your conversion points). Plus, our tracking is easy to put in your site.

Second - We identify your opportunities

The advantage to having Search Engine People optimize your website is that we are doing Conversion Optimization every day for our clients. While there isn't a silver bullet that increases Conversions on every website, we do see some changes that increase conversion rates over and over.

Using the data we collected from your site visitors, we will identify what changes to make on your website that are most likely to increase your conversion rates.

Third -We implement for you

Don't have a developer on staff? Not a problem! Our team of developers specialize in WordPress and other open source CMS platforms. Plus, we have specialists on staff who are experienced in a wide variety of other CMS systems, like Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, and others. What we can't do, we have partner companies can do for you.

Not sure how you're going to get it done? We'll get it done for you.

Fourth -We measure the impact

Optimizing the site for conversions is pointless if you can't see the impact of the changes. We'll measure back the impacts of the site changes and make sure you are seeing a positive return on your investment.

Conversion Optimization Products and Services

SEP examines conversion optimization on a case by case basis with each one of our clients. We assess your specific goals and objectives in order to develop a plan that will work for your website and help you convert your users into new customers.

We offer a number of website optimization services to help improve conversion rates on your website:

  • Website Assessment -Your website is analyzed with the intent of identifying major problem areas that can result in poor conversion rates. SEP conversion rate specialists can assist you in identifying opportunities and improving the conversion rate on the site.
  • Usability Tests -We perform usability tests to assess the effectiveness of your website from a conversion perspective. We look for areas that can be improve to make it easier for users to convert into customers.
  • Call Audits and Mystery Shopper Testing -We assess your current practices and performance and identify opportunities to improve conversion rates.
  • A/B Experiments -We conduct A/B Experiments to determine the best ways to optimize your site's effectiveness and improve overall customer experience.
  • Google Analytics Implementation -We have advanced skills in optimizing Google Analytics and can develop GA Implementation Strategies for our customers.

Through these website conversion services, SEP can effectively assess your website and offer solutions and recommendations to improve website conversion optimization.

Why choose Search Engine People to Improve Website Conversion?

  • We are analytics experts -We have access to over 500 Analytics accounts We know what works! We will connect your Google Analytics and your Salesforce account, so you can identify what is actually driving sales.
  • We are always testing -The Conversion Optimization team at SEP is constantly running testing and gathering data so we can be sure that what we are recommending will work. We don't just recommend changes, we test them.
  • We are dedicated -Our conversion optimization team eats, sleeps and breaths conversion optimization.
  • We are on top of the latest developments -We don't just do A/B testing!!! Our team stays on top of the latest psychology, sociology and cognitive neuroscience research to understand how the brain works and the signals of influence that trigger someone to make a purchase decision.
  • We consider the human element- We track user behaviour to see how people interact on sites. We understand what makes people click!
  • We have a proprietary system -The SEP conversion optimization team uses a proprietary system that can quickly and easily create high-converting landing pages for PPC, Social efforts and all your marketing campaigns.