Build Brand Awareness With Yelp Advertising

Millions of users turn to Yelp every day to help them make purchase decisions. You may already have a Yelp profile, but is your business showing up in Yelp's organic search results? Though these results generally depend on factors like reviews and your proximity to the searcher, you can have an impact on what they see by opting to use Yelp advertising.

Yelp offers its own integrated advertising platform that allows you to create targeted ads that will display in results whenever a user searches for a local business like yours. By using Yelp advertising for your business, you are instantly making your brand more visible to potential customers who are ready to purchase.

Why Use Yelp Ads?

  • 82% of Yelp users visit the site intending to buy a product or use a service.
  • Premium ad placement in Yelp search results and on your competitors' Yelp profiles.
  • Mobile-friendly platform that ensures you are present when customers are searching for your type of business locally.

Why Search Engine People?

Search Engine People's expert PPC advertising specialists have the expertise necessary to create high performing Yelp ads that maximize your spend. Our goal is to help you achieve your Yelp advertising objects, no matter how small or large your budget is. Call us at 1.877.584.7304 or click below to request a quote: