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Digital Marketing

Non-profit Uses Paid Search to Boost Revenue By 85.67%

SickKids Foundation received a Google Grant for use towards promoting the Foundations mission. With fresh funding in place, SickKids set out to increase the total number of donations and ROI from Digital Marketing & Paid Search Advertising. Having faced challenges with maximizing search opportunities with the Grant due to inaccurate reporting, they turned to Search Engine People to improve their attribution tracking and Paid Search Advertising ROI. Read more

Canada SEO Case Study

Re-marketing Campaign Testing Reduced Cost Per Acquisition By 66%

The primary business objective was to increase SCENE black card acquisitions through Paid Search media while lowering the cost per acquisition (CPA).

During the initial launch of our Paid Search campaign we discovered that SCENE website visitors were'nt converting on the first visit and were more likely to convert during a second or third visit. This analysis provided us the insight needed to launch a remarketing campaign using AdRoll and Googles Ad Network. Read more

Digital Marketing Case Study

SEP Helps CAA Boost Their Online Revenue 4x

CAA was seeking to increase its new membership acquisitions, increase travel bookings and grow insurance sales.

CAA North & East Ontario came to Search Engine People to develop an online digital marketing strategy which would help increase overall profitability and positively impact the bottom line. Read more

cardata consultants case study

How CarData Drives Better Leads with Digital Marketing

Over the years CarData tested various marketing programs and business development channels in an effort to generate qualified leads. The channels included trade shows, direct mail and other traditional forms of marketing; however, the results did not meet with their expectations.

In this video case study you'll learn how CarData is using online marketing to drive website traffic and convert more qualified leads. Read more


Discovery Channel Gets Discovered

The Discovery website was receiving three times more traffic than the .ca website. The website faced technological issues and as a result many pages over 6 months old had still not yet been indexed by search engines. Discovery Channels goal was to resolve the technological issues and increase the amount of traffic to the Canadian website. Read more


How to Recover From a Google Penalty

For many years, real estate brokerage Dan Plowman Team Realty Inc., Brokerage enjoyed great visibility on search engines. Their website performed exceptionally well for many of its target keywords, regularly generating a growing list of clients.

However, in Spring of 2013 the brokerage noticed a significant decrease in visits to the website. It was identified that most of the lost traffic was from organic searches, but no one was able to pinpoint the reason behind the dramatic drop in rankings. Read more

ohto instagram case study

Ontario Highlands Social Media Campaign Heats Up During Winter

When OHTO sought out the help of Search Engine People (SEP), they found themselves looking for ways to increase their social media following within a demographic of young, educated millennials that regularly utilize social platforms.

Capitalizing on the natural beauty of the geographic region they represent, OHTO hoped to significantly increase theirInstagram followers, leading to more overall social likes on similar platforms like Facebook. Read more


A Bump in Conversion Rates Leads to a Mountain of New Revenue

A client in the financial industry with over 35 years of experience came to Search Engine People for help to increase the Conversion Rates on their website.

Although the website had a steadily increasing amount of traffic, the client wanted more sales and qualified leads. Read more


Outdoor Show Gains Over 11k Fans in 6 months with SEP

With a number of traditional marketing and advertising initiatives planned to promote the Toronto Sportsmen's Show, organizers also recognized a tremendous value in adding social media to their marketing mix. As Canada's biggest and best outdoor show, TSS set their sights on developing a strong online community, focusing on Facebook.

TSS entrusted Search Engine People to help grow their Facebook fan base just shy of 1,000 followers to 10,000 over the next 6 months. A strong online following would create more brand awareness, provide an opportunity to connect with attendees on a one-to-one basis, and allow TSS to generate advanced ticket sales. Read more

WineAlign logo

WineAlign and Search Engine People Are a Perfect Pairing

When WineAlign sought out the help of the experts at Search Engine People, they had been coping with a nearly 30% drop in organic traffic post Googles infamous Mobilegeddon. Concerned about their online accessibility and digital presence, WineAlign required a plan that both boosted their presence back to its former rankings, and ensure that such a drop wouldn't happen again. Read more


SEP protects client from malicious SEO attack

A Canadian financial services client in a highly competitive industry was successfully ranking on the first page of for many of their main keyword terms.

SEPs proprietary GotFound software alerted Account Managers and SEO Specialists that a large number of new links to the clients site had been indexed by Google. This large quantity of links can often be a red flag, indicating that another party is undertaking negative SEO techniques to impact the rankings of their competitor. Read more


Waste Bin Company Stays Clean with Good SEO

Waste Wise Products, a provider of commercial recycling and trash bins, had a well-optimized website that often ranked high for target keywords. Appearing at top of Google drove a steady increase in traffic from organic search results, until one day it just stopped. The organic traffic disappeared almost overnight. Read more


Travel Client Flies High With Innovative Re-Marketing Strategy

Moving into peak season, a travel client of Search Engine People wanted to improve their Return on Advertising Spend by reaching high-value travelers who were already engaged with their brand through prior website visits. Read more