Product Listing Ads

Google Shopping Ads (formerly called Product Listing Ads or PLAs) are search ads that help businesses sell their products using richer product information -- product images, pricing, business name, and more -- without adding more keywords or ad text. PLAs managed by SEP will deliver you the following benefits:

  • Increased search visibility for your products
  • Lower Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) & higher conversion rates
  • Continual PLAs optimization to increase impressions, clicks, conversions rates and overall profitability

Google Shopping Ads are triggered by a users search query and expose users to specific products you offer before they even reach your site, which delivers you more highly qualified leads that are more likely to convert.

Our Approach to Google Shopping Ads & Product Listing Ads:

At SEP, we will optimize your Google Shopping Ads campaign to ensure that your products are promoted to the right prospects, in the right places. We offer:

  • Integrated Google Shopping Ads, search and display advertising strategies
  • Management of ads on a product by product basis
  • Highly targeted Google Shopping Ads and bidding adjustments based on product performance
  • Continual monitoring and tracking of key metrics, such as CPC and CTRs, and conversion rates to improve product ads and adjust campaign strategies as necessary
  • A/B Ad Testing to test variations and improve conversion rates and ad performance

Get better exposure for your products and increase conversions with SEP, Canadas 1st Company to become AdWords Certified by Google!

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In compliance with Ontario’s non-essential business closure our physical offices are closed until further notice. Fortunately our willingness to adopt work from home and the required technology over the past two years has allowed us to continue our operations without impact. For our valued clients and partners you can expect the same great level of service and execution you have become accustomed to.

Many clients/prospects have reached out to us in an effort to introduce new campaigns as quickly as possible. In an effort to help our clients pivot we have increased our campaign build capacity. We are now able to turn new campaigns over in 2-3 business days opposed to the typical 5-7 business day turnaround time. Please note that campaign launch approvals from the vendor side (Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram etc.) may be delayed as those companies migrate to work from home.

For existing clients please reach out to your account manager with any questions you may have.

For non-clients looking for assistance with new campaigns please Contact Us