Social Media Seeding & Content Distribution

Content Distribution Strategy & Social Media Seeding

So youve created a great blog post, eBook, infographic, video, or a new page on your website. Whats next? In order to get more eyes on your original content, youve got to share it! Getting exposure for your brand and your content does not happen without effort, after a piece goes live, you must have a plan in place for distributing it across social media sites to attract more viewers.

In addition to drawing users to your content, social media seeding can have an impact on your SEO efforts as links to your content are created and this can improve your search rankings.

Why SEP for Content Distribution?

At SEP, we believe that social media seeding is a key component of your content distribution strategy, that is why we can help you post every piece of content you create or we produce on your behalf on your social networking profiles. After determining the ideal social networks to post to, well optimize your messaging to suit each individual social media platform, and include attractive, relevant imagery for the biggest impact. Well also consider factors like timing and audience to ensure you content reaches the right users.

Whether your sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn or another site, our Social Media experts will track and report on shares, engagement, website views and clicks to help you understand what types of content performs best across social media.

Interested in incorporating social media seeding into your content distribution strategy? Contact SEPs Social Media specialists today!