Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel Gets Discovered

The Challenge

The Discovery website was receiving three times more traffic than the .ca website. The website faced technological issues and as a result many pages over 6 months old had still not yet been indexed by search engines. Discovery Channel’s goal was to resolve the technological issues and increase the amount of traffic to the Canadian website.

The Solution

To resolve this situation, Search Engine People developed a search engine marketing strategy and an actionable SEO plan that included:

Implementation of Strategic SEO tactics for all text and images throughout
Support of the on-page organic optimization efforts with a social media strategy for Discovery Channel which included the use of various high-profile online social networks
The creation of a comprehensive blog strategy to help Discovery reach a wider audience while also working around the technology challenges


The search engine marketing strategies generated by Search Engine People were a tremendous success:

Unique visitors increased by 70% Year-over-Year
Year-over-year organic search traffic increased 112.4% compared to the same time period from the year before
The number of Discovery pages indexed by search engines increased – from 400,000 indexed pages to over 17 million in one year

Discovery Channel

70%,112%,17 Million
Increase in unique visitors,Increase in organic search traffic,pages indexed in one year