Sick Kids

Non-profit uses Paid Search to boost revenue by 85.67%

The Challenge

SickKids Foundation received a Google Grant for use towards promoting the Foundation’s mission. With fresh funding in place, SickKids set out to increase the total number of donations and ROI from Paid Search Advertising. Having faced challenges with maximizing search opportunities with the Grant due to inaccurate reporting, they turned to Search Engine People to improve their attribution tracking and Paid Search Advertising ROI.

The Solution

After careful consideration we determined that the best possible solution to increase donations, improve ROI and accurately report on Paid Search Advertising was to dynamically track conversion values within AdWords and to optimize the entire AdWords account.

AdWords dynamic value conversion tracking involved generating standard AdWords conversion codes and adding custom parameters to the code snippet. Once the custom conversion codes were created, the SickKids IT team was able to install them on the required pages. After the codes were installed, SEP did extensive tests to ensure that all codes were tracking correctly, and pulling in correct donation values.

Additionally, SEP restructured the Paid Search ad groups to improve the relevancy between Ad Copy and Keywords, adding more negative keywords to reach the most interested customers, reduce unnecessary spend, and increase the ROI.

Furthermore, three to four new text ads were created per ad group, to test different messages to determine which message performs the best to drive donations.


With improved attribution tracking in place, we were able to accurately determine Paid Search’s impact on SickKids Foundation’s donations. In just a month the SickKids Foundation saw an 85.67% increase in revenue generated from Paid Search. The success continued through the remainder of the campaign, with an increase of 390.09% above the monthly revenue goal target.

Campaigns were launched for special promotions, which generated a staggering 2145% ROAS, and allowed for additional testing, which achieved a 138% ROI.

Being able to test and show accurate results for new tactics, SickKids Foundation is committed to driving additional revenue through online channels by fully maximizing available Grants from Google.

Sick Kids

Increase in Revenue from Paid Search,Above Monthly Goal Target,Return on Ad Spend