WineAlign and Search Engine People are a perfect pairing

The Challenge is the ultimate online tool for helping consumers make informed wine purchase decisions. It specializes in reviews from highly acclaimed professionals, as well as providing food pairing guides, a virtual cellar, and event information.

When WineAlign sought out the help of the experts at Search Engine People, they had been coping with a nearly 30% drop in organic traffic post Googles infamous Mobilegeddon. Concerned about their online accessibility and digital presence, WineAlign required a plan that both boosted their presence back to its former rankings, and ensure that such a drop wouldnt happen again.

With over 50% of their searches coming from mobile traffic, the website needed to cater to the specific needs of various operating systems and mobile devices.

Aware of the challenges ahead and the need to recover lost traffic before a busy holiday season WineAlign needed a partner to develop and implement SEO and mobile friendly solution.

The Solution

Choosing SEP was a natural choice, as one of the most important things for an SEO agency is a company that ranks well for their own keywords. If Search Engine People could rise to the top of Google, so too could WineAlign. Working alongside the SEP team, WineAlign was proposed a solution that would help them regain their lost Google rankings and keep them on top.

WineAlign seo trafficAfter just two consultations and an in-depth review of their website, SEPs plan provided a solution that included five concrete changes that needed to be made.


By implementing the necessary changes to their site, Search Engine People was confident that WineAlign would be able to get back to the audience numbers they were used to. Between September and December, they saw an increase in organic traffic that they hadnt seen in 2015. The change in year to year sessions changed from a 30% decline in September to a 3% increase in January.

With these results, Search Engine People helped WineAlign get back into the competitive position they were once in, and take control of a new SEO strategy that will work long term.