SEP Research: PPC Statistics and Insights In USA

In the following list of US cities, SEP's ongoing PPC Research tracks and monitors AdWords prices in various industries by location. It indicates how much on average advertisers should expect to pay for each click on their ad for a given industry segment.

Currently the data is updated on monthly basis for nearly 200 keywords in over 300 cities across North America. The study includes a limited number of keywords to represent each industry, and specific segments in each industry. To ensure relative market-to-market comparison, the keywords tracked are based on sufficient search volumes in all markets studied. PPC research also tracks price fluctuations on a month-to-month basis.

To get started, simply select your city of interest below. The data indicates the average price per click for each keyword term, as well as how this price per click compares to other areas (on a national, provincial and regional scale).

Each city will have all tracked industries listed with price and rank data displayed in each row.

SEP will continue to add keywords, industries, and baskets over time, so if your industry is not here yet, please check back periodically.

Please check back periodically as were adding new cities on regular basis.