Mobile Advertising

If you are not utilizing mobile advertising, you may want to reconsider your choices. Mobile advertising strategies are an important advertising technique that many people turn a blind eye to, which can be the cause for slow online traffic and a lacking digital presence. But without extended experience and a thorough understanding of smartphone specific advertising tools, attempting to master this area of marketing can be exceedingly difficult. This is why our team at Search Engine People is well versed in mobile advertising tools like pay-per-click campaigns and Google analytics. With the use of smartphones on a seemingly endless incline, it is important to reach out to these potential clients and take your business to the next level.

Mobile Advertising and Extended Reach

On average, 61% of smartphone users will use their browser to research something today, and will spend 15 hours doing so weekly. This is a significant amount of people you could be reaching with a mobile advertising campaign. These mobile searches are more action driven than their desktop counterparts, as these searchers are looking for immediate and resourceful information. This translates into bigger and better sales, if these potential clients can find your ads and website first. But mobile advertising tools are different than desktop search tools, and have different industry standards.

Mobile web content needs to be different than desktop optimized content, and utilize different mobile advertising trends. This includes things like buy buttons, call extensions directly placed within the advertisement and on the homepage of your mobile site. This allows potential clients to quickly interact with your business, make an instant purchase and contact you when necessary. Downloadable content is another addition you must consider, such as product prices, service guides, or general information. Downloadable files gives customers the resourceful information their looking for, while not overloading your website with content.

If youre considering beginning a mobile advertising campaign, act fast! Let us help you plan your successful mobile advertising campaign, from new pay-per-click ads to new web copy. Contact us for more information, and start seeing increased sales and traffic today!