Why Content Marketing?

Traditional marketing tactics are not as effective as they once were. Consumers today primarily research their purchases online when they're considering purchasing a product or service, and rely less on traditional media. Even if traditional media is the starting point to awareness or interest in brand, people still go online to research a product or make a purchase.

When people go online to make a purchase you want to be sure that you have content that can address the following:

  • What do I need to know to make an informed decision about this product/service?
  • What are all the features and options?
  • In what situations are certain features useful and necessary?
  • How does one company or product compare with another:
    • feature wise
    • quality wise
    • price wise?
  • Can I trust this company?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this product/service/company?
  • Is delivery available?
  • What have others said about this company?
  • Has the company dealt with anyone else I know?

The better you can address these points of interest with your website the content, the more likely you are to win a customer. And the more optimized your pages are, the better you will rank and the more people will see your relevant content and convert.

Why Use SEP?

Content is at the heart of inbound marketing and digital media,but content alone is not enough. Your content strategy needs to be catered to your target customers and interest and in the form that they like to receive it. Whether it focused on articles, images, or video.  There are special ways to optimize all content so that it can be found in search engine results or encourage engagement on social media.

SEP employs a proven methodology that helps identify the questions of prospects, answers those questions, and leads them to the decision that they want to do business with your company! In essence, SEP's Content Marketing Strategies are designed to answer questions at each stage of the buying process, and ultimately to 'earn' the prospects business.

Content marketing that drives results.


Our content marketing strategies are designed to improve the effectiveness of all other media a company is using. SEP's system is designed specifically to unite all elements of a company's marketing mix into a cohesive marketing strategy. In fact, when utilized with other media, SEP's Content and Inbound Marketing solutions provide structure and purpose for the other media, are designed to supercharge their effectiveness.

SEP will either develop high quality content directly for you, or will work with you to develop high quality content to speak to questions at each phase of the buying process. We define groups of buyers, determine their information needs, and then deliver content, measure its impact and refine the content strategy going forward.

SEP develops all types of content including product/service pages, blog posts, e-books, whitepapers, newsletters, images, articles, infographics, press releases, video, primary research, contests, podcasts and much more. Each type of content has strengths and weaknesses, and therefore has different roles in the overall content strategy.

SEP is Results Focused and channel agnostic. If social channels drive more conversions and sales than radio or search, then we'll shift more resources to social and content.

Ready to start putting some distance between your company and its competitors.