Grow your list, get more opens, improve click-throughs and get better results from your email marketing.

Email marketing has been an essential marketing tool for over two decades, and is still a pivotal aspect of the inbound marketing process. It allows you to attract new subscribers, broaden your customer base, and send highly targeted marketing messages to prospects. With integrated email marketing services from SEP, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Constant contact with your prospects
  • More engagement with potential customers
  • Keep leads warm throughout the buying cycle
  • Cross-selling/upselling capabilities
  • Targeted messaging, at the right time

Our Email Marketing Services and Products

We focus on creating highly-targeted, unique email marketing campaigns that help you to engage prospects and deliver them the right messages at the right times, so they progress through the sales funnel more quickly. The email marketing services we offer include:

  • A/B Testing - We will run multivariate testing to determine which subject lines and email copy elicits the best results.
  • Custom Email Marketing Campaigns - We will develop custom email marketing campaigns based on user behaviour.
  • Advanced List Segmentation - We will segment your audience based on a variety of factors including lifecycle stage, age, location, type of content they're interested in, and more.
  • Tracking, Monitoring and Optimizing Delivery - We will track and measure email performance in order to determine best send times and optimize the reach and impact of your emails.
  • Anti-Spam Law Compliance - We will ensure that all of your email marketing is in compliance with the most recent legislation, including CANSPAM and CASL.