14 Dofollow Backlink Resources

by Melanie Nathan July 20th, 2009 

Gold Medal SEO Blog PostGetting links to your website is one of the most important aspects of obtaining search engine rankings. Unfortunately it’s also the most challenging.

DoFollow FTW!

There are many ways to get links from various sites. This might involve creating profiles on social media sites, to submitting to directories, but the main focus should be getting links from pages that are indexed and allow dofollow links… preferably with custom anchor text.

In order to help you along the way, here are 14 such sites you can submit or outright add your website to.

Social Media Links:

Vox.com – Can add links to your profile. No custom anchor text but you can add as many links as you want.

Oyax.com – Get a dofollow profile link. Can also bookmark some of your pages and get dofollow links with custom anchor text.

Tipd.com – Get a dofollow profile link. No custom anchor text.

Stylehive.com – Can add links, with custom anchor text, to your profile.

Dailybooth.com – Dofollow profile links. Can have as many as you want. No custom anchor text though.

Tigweb.org - All links are dofollow. Can use html in your bio resulting in custom text.

Reddit.com – Two or more votes gets you a followed link.

Directory Links:

Roask.com – New(ish) directory where many inner pages are indexed. Acceptance rate is decent with less than a 2-week wait. Custom anchor text allowed. Links are dofollow.

TheEducationDirectory.org – New directory for educational related sites. Dofollow links with custom anchor text.

Directory.Ubdaily.com – Dofollow links. No custom anchor text. Fast acceptance though.

Ecommerce Links:

Kaboodle.com – For ecommerce sites with products. You can create a themed list of your favorite merchandise from across the web. Links are dofollow.

Content Publication Links:

Information-Online.com – Post information or news related to your company and embed links within the content. Links are dofollow with custom anchor text.

Work.com - Create a guide related to your industry and include dofollow links within. Can use custom anchor text.

RoundArticles.com – Post an article and, using custom anchor text, include dofollow links within.

Obviously this isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ of lists but it should provide you with a place to start, or at the very least, teach you some of the criteria to look for when evaluating backlink prospects. If you're aware of any other such sites, please consider sharing by leaving a comment.

Melanie Nathan

Melanie Nathan is a veteran SEO consultant and founder of CanadianSEO. She has a particular passion for authority link building and the use of authoritative content to attract links.

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29 Responses to “14 Dofollow Backlink Resources”

  1. Spinal Care says:

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing all these wonderful resources and dofollow links. I have bookmarked your blog for future reference and a come back. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Can you tell me something? Is it a good idea to do SEO on a single keyword at a time?

    Or we can concentrate in all type of keywords?

  3. drx says:

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing all these wonderful resources and dofollow links.

  4. bang jay says:

    Thanks for ferfect info, its very helpfull post for me to upgrade my popularity blog and page rank.

  5. Andreas says:

    Can you also add following website to your list:

    Directory Links:
    http://www.linknami.com/sites (general directory with over 1500 categories)

    Content Publication Links:
    http://www.linknami.com/articles (publish articles and blog posts, syndicate articles and posts to other article pages and blogs)

  6. nilgem says:

    nice post gr8 !!thanks for providing wonderful informations

  7. hannah says:

    thanks for dofollow list, it will help us.

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  11. Locke says:

    Great write up with PROPER (non-spammy) links. Thanks a bunch

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  14. Sanjay says:

    Thanks for sharing….

    Also here some awesome List of DoFollow Forums


  15. excellent post i am still learning, seems many new facets to sem these days.

    i have bookmarked this site need to study social media more

  16. modules says:

    Sweet resource, thanks……lots of sites on your list (and in the comments) that I wasn't aware of before.

  17. Just completed signing up and going through the process.

    Thanks for the great resources list!


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  20. This is excellent advice. I have used many of the sites listed for book marking activities, but I have not given any thought to profiling as well. Excellent tip!

  21. So, how does this really benefit you if 1) the profiles are never found and 2) they don't pass on page rank?

  22. Optimist says:

    Will definitely check out all your suggestions. Thanks for helpful info!

  23. BamBum says:

    Here is new suggestion: http://www.s-article.com . This is an article directory where links can be embedded within the article content (there is no author bio box) and they are do follow.

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  25. tranduyninh says:


  26. john says:

    This is a good list and although its old some of these places still offer dofollow links (although some have now gone nofollow!).

    I wrote a big list of 100 ways to get followed links a while back which you might be interested in – http://www.johnmcelborough.com/100-ways-to-build-real-links


    .-= john recently posted: Hiding links with the robots meta tag =-.

  27. Great post! Awesome resources, bookmarked everyone! Keep them coming. Steve
    .-= Steve @ SEO, search engine optimization, référencement recently posted: Your Internet Presence is Our Priority! =-.