9 Mistakes That Leave Your Outreach Dead On Arrival

Getting attention is one of the major challenges startups and small businesses face. You have a great business, solid products as well as long-term potential. However, you soon realize that you’re going nowhere without getting people to pay attention to [...]

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11 Techniques To Identify Your Brand’s Evangelists

Social media has changed the way we shop for services and products. According to Hubspot, consumers are a whopping 71% more likely to buy from a company if a social connection has recommended them on social media. This is brand [...]

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SnapChat vs YouTube For Business

New social platforms are launched all the time. Just like Richard Branson's famous quote “business opportunities are like buses; there’s always another one coming”, you can rest assured that there will be another social platform or app coming soon. [...]

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Setting Up Your Video Content Strategy

It’s no longer a question of whether users prefer video content to other forms of content, especially on mobile sites. Users enjoy short-form content that is easily digestible more than any other content, regardless of the device they use [...]

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7 Quick-Win Tactics For Social Media Success

As marketers, we live and work in an environment of instant gratification, where the competition for attention is fierce. No matter where you look – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – standing out isn't easy.

Growing your brand on [...]

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How 100 BuzzFeed Posts Debunk 3 Myths About Viral Content

As one of the internet’s most popular publishers, there’s a good chance you’ve read an article or taken a quiz on BuzzFeed. The digital publisher has made a name for itself with it’s quick wit and playful content [...]

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Famous Content Marketers Tell How They Generate Ideas


Content marketing is a powerful way for organisations across all sectors to attract and retain an audience – and ultimately drive profitable customer action. Through the strategic and targeted distribution of regular high quality content, businesses can connect and build [...]

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Social Outreach: The Perfect Complement To Search Marketing

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, demand generation marketers have a number of tools available in their playbooks.

Search engine optimization is an effective strategy, but it takes time to see the pay off in prospects. [...]

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5 Opportunities To Increase Average Order Value

It behooves most ecommerce sites to maximize their bottom line. Some attack this with a top-down approach; trying to boost overall traffic and make sure it doesn't decline. Others look to increase the value of each order that a [...]

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Are You Guilty Of Allowing Good Content To Rot?

Updating old blog content is an interesting online marketing tactic. It doesn’t require a lot of hard work - unlike creating new content from scratch - and it brings a lot of benefits to the table.

The only [...]

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