Facebook page admins may have noticed something new under their posts lately. Facebook Insights launched a new feature for page admins, so that they can see impressions and feedback on each post. This new feature officially launched in June, 2010, and was only offered to pages that had more than 10,000 fans. But now all page admins will have access to this feature.

Impressions, Feedback on post

The number of impressions can be seen directly under the post for a quick look. For a more detailed understanding of the impressions on your posts, you can view it by going into Insights, and clicking on Interactions. See screenshot below.

What's So Good About It?

The great thing about this feature is that it lets you see which posts are getting across to your fans. Interaction among your fans is most likely one of your biggest goals as a social media user - so why not please your fans all the time by posting things that will get the most interactions.

Page admins can use Facebook impressions as a way to tailor their posts so they get more interaction among their fans. By looking at the Feedback percentage, admins can see which posts get the most interactions. Facebook takes the number of impressions (how many times the posts has showed up on a Facebook users' feeds, and on the page itself), and puts whatever feedback (comments and likes) there were from that post into a percentage.

For example, Search Engine People displayed a post on The 10 Most Incredible Google Bombs. If you read this post it probably gave you a good chuckle. This post had 3 likes, and two comments. Facebook concluded that this post had 683 impressions - not bad! And from that the percentage of feedback based on those 3 likes and 2 comments was 0.73%. Again - not bad.

Facebook Insights Impressions

From that we can compare this entertaining and insightful post with a completely different post to see which genre of posts our fans prefer and enjoy commenting on.

Keep Your Fans Where They Belong - On Your Page

This feature could be a great tool for keeping fans, and catering to them properly. If you track the feedback, you may be able to spot trends on what type of posts your fans like best. If you keep them satisfied with their preferred style, then you could have a healthy, active Facebook page.

What's Missing?

Unique impressions haven't made their way into this feature yet - but knowing the fast pace of Facebook, you will likely see it soon. Another thing I have noticed is that it only allows you to look at the most recent posts. However, impressions - even sans unique counts, and older posts - are still beneficial to Facebook page admins. I see it being most useful for those who want to keep their fans entertained and active on their page.

Can you think of any other uses for this feature?

Caitlin Melvin

Caitlin works at Search Engine People. She loves internet marketing, and has a passion for social media. Caitlin is a former competitive cheerleader, a crazy cat lady, and a work-a-holic.

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39 Responses to “Facebook Impressions for Pages – Give Your Fans What They Want”

  1. Shockley Au says:

    It would be great if Facebook would break down where those impressions are coming from (wall vs. feed). I'm sure they have the data somewhere on their servers.

  2. Thanks for explaining this new feature for the FB fan pages. I'd like to know, as the other commenter suggested, where these impressions are coming from. Are these people that scrolled past the post in their news feed, or actually saw it on the page, or some combo of both.

    • Caitlin Melvin says:

      Hi Greg,
      Thanks for your comment and question. The impressions are coming from both showing up in their news feed, and seeing it on the page. Basically whenever the post is shown on their page it counts as an impression.
      Hope this helps!
      Thanks again!

  3. Nabeel Adeni says:

    Is there any way we can derive an 'empirical relationship'between the No. of fans and the Impressions?

    • Caitlin Melvin says:

      Hi Nabeel,

      Unfortunately there is no way to derive an empirical relationship between the number of fans and the impressions.
      The way Facebook is currently working it out is Impressions = the number of fans (posts from the page that come up in their news feeds) + the number of visits to the actual FB page (which could be random, i.e. not a fan).

      I hope this answers your question :)

  4. stella anticcione says:

    does anyone know if the administrator's page veiws affect the number of impressions? for instance, i'm the admistrator of my company's page…if i'm logged in and visit the company page, does it count me as an impression as well ('cause i visit the page a lot, and wondering if i'm influencing the numbers myself…)

  5. Since the beginning of 2011, I have quit receiving impressions. I follow those number closely. Has something changed?

  6. Casey Craig says:

    Thanks so much for explaining this as I am new to facebook. I too, was wondering if the admin's views effect the number and also are these numbers updated instantly or daily?

    • Caitlin Melvin says:

      @Stella anticcione and @Casey Craig – I have not been able to locate any information that explains whether or not an admin view counts towards the impressions. My guess it no it does not. The reason being is that most websites will not count an admin view as a page view, however Facebook could also work this differently. The impressions feature is still quite vague on a number of issues.

      @Beverly Nelson – I have also noticed the impressions are not showing up on Facebook pages. My guess is they have a bug they need to work out.

      Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it!

  7. Jan Cleary says:

    Thank you very much for your helpful explanation of impressions…I'm new to Facebook and am finding my way around.

  8. Minal says:


    Can you please explain me what "Unique Impressions", "Unique Clicks" and "Unique CTR" is? They are present in our reports for facebook adds, but I am unable to find exactly what they mean. I would really appreciate it!

  9. Erin Whalen says:

    Hi there! I have a question about impressions also. Call me crazy, but when you post something on your wall, shouldn't the MINIMUM number of impressions equal the number of people who have "Liked" your page? After all, my post should be showing up in their feeds, right?

    The reason why I ask is because I often get an impression rate that's lower than the number of people who have "Liked" my page and I would like to know why that is so. What's preventing the appearance of my wall post in everybody's feeds from counting as impressions?


    • The reason impressions don't equal total number of fans is that in order for it to show up as an impression one of your fans has to have that post open on their newsfeed for it to count. Not everyone checks their FB everyday, or every few times a day, so if they miss that post in their feed, it doesn't count as an impression.

      Notice the next time you open FB how many posts it loads at first. If that's all people look at and don't load more, then the rest of the posts they don't load don't get counted as an impression for that person.

      • Caitlin Melvin says:

        @Jan Cleary – thanks! I'm glad you found my post helpful!

        @Minal – Here is an explanation I found to answer your question :

        Unique Impressions: The number of distinct users who viewed the ad(s) tracked by the given row of the report.

        Unique Clicks: The number of distinct users who clicked on the ad(s) tracked by the given row of the report.

        Unique Clicks Rate:This rate is calculated as the number of unique clicks the ad(s) received divided by the number of unique ad impressions.
        I hope that answers your question :)

        @Erin Whalen – Greg Allbright does a great job of explaining the answer to your question. If a person does not check their news feed often their friends posts and status updates will push your page's post down in the news feed, so it may not be visible to them at all unless they go directly to the page. Another explanation is that there is an option to hide your page's posts from the news feed so it doesn't show up at all. Hope that helps!

  10. Niki Belkowski says:

    I've suddenly lost the "impressions" figure on my business page (as of 1/20/11). I find this feature very useful and don't want to lose it! Can you help me?

  11. Minal says:

    Thanks for the information :-)! This is great.

    @Niki – Even I cannot see the impressions on our "Fan" page. I was able to get a short report by looking for the detailed report on interactions option. Here is the route to get the information; Edit page – insights – interactions – details. Hope this helps!

    • Niki Belkowski says:

      Thanks, Minal, I certainly appreciate your response to my problem. Your directions were perfect and I found the impressions information I was looking for. I'm still wondering why the impressions info no longer appears on my wall, though. I sure liked it being there.

      To the "managers" of Facebook: PLEASE put the "impressions" info BACK on our walls – or at least provide an explanation as to why this info has disappeared!

  12. Sherman Mohr says:


    I pride myself in knowing all I need to know but sometimes, you need help. You provided it today. Many thanks for this clarification. I'd noticed the "impressions" change on the largest page I admin but was unclear. I'm sure FB notified me of the change at some point. :)

    Thanks again,

    Sherman Mohr
    .-= Sherman Mohr recently posted: =-.

  13. Hey there! Great article on something that's been fairly confusing! Quick question – I've noticed a drastic decrease in the number of impressions received this past week. From hundreds to single digits. The same has happened to other friends as well. Do you know of any official changes that have been made? Otherwise I'm developing a complex;)

  14. Teresa says:

    I like the impressions feature, but today it's gone. What's up with that?

  15. Like Teresa, I benefited from the impressions feature. Why has it disappeared? And will it come again? Hope so….

  16. Kris says:

    My impression disappeared from my fan page too. I hope it comes back!

  17. Caitlin Melvin says:

    @Sherman – Thank you! I'm so happy I could help you out, and answer some questions for you.

    @Mandi – I've noticed some funny things going on with the impressions tool lately. It is new – so I would assume bugs are still being sought out, and so on. There are a number of reasons why your impression may have decreased including a problem with the tool itself. However, I'm not entirely sure. The tool has actually come and gone for a number of pages. I've been eying The Facebook Blog to see if there has been any updates on it, but nothing has come up yet.

    To everyone else – I unfortunately cannot explain the disappearance of the impressions tool. Sorry!

  18. simon reynolds says:

    Now im a new FB user

    If I post something on my business page does it only go to my friends or is it live on the system for anyone to read?

    Ive had 7000 post views so is this 7000 people?

  19. Lisa Winton says:

    I am a new administator to our FB page and am currently trying to learn all I can. I loved the impressions feature, but noticed that it hasn't been present since Tuesday (2/2/11). Could I have accidentally turned it off, or are there still bugs going on with the feature? It's not on my wall, and I tried Minal's suggestion, but don't get any info past Tuesday…

  20. Deb Lewis says:

    On the fan pages I administrate, many posts record impressions significantly larger than there are fans of each individual page (e.g. 1,200 fans, but 1,600 impressions for a post). Can you tell me what this means? Are there that many Facebook users who are not fans of the pages visiting the walls? It doesn't happen for every post – many register impressions equal to the number of fans, or sometimes noticeably fewer – but I am finding it curious. Thanks for all the info you're offering!

  21. I have also a question about impressions. In my page it is showing different result of impressions. It is normal that impressions should increase, but in my case it decrease and then increase again, then the next time I open it decreased again. Whats happening. I suspected that my browser is not updating so I tried to refresh and even deleted my temp files but the same result. I also noticed that the number of fan upon reaching a count of 350 it stopped counting and also decreasing. But when I check my fans, I see new names. I didn't bother to count them. It's weird.

  22. Crusoe says:


    I just recently created a page for my band/group, and Iv tried suggesting the page to my friends for promotion, but no one is receiving the page suggestions, why is that? Thanks.

  23. Jim Polwort says:

    I've put together a page for my band as well, and also would like to know the answer to Oi's question above. I have to login to my account, then choose account settings, use "Facebook as Page" feature, and then "switch" over to my band site. I'm just trying to get some traffic. I am getting impression counts, so others must be seeing it. Thanks for your help on explaining impressions. Jim P.

  24. Erica says:

    I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what the feedback percentage means? I don't have any likes so I don't know where that percentage comes from?

    Thanks for any help you may be able to provide!

  25. Mary says:

    I am getting a lot more impressions then I have likes on my page. Does that mean that other people are seeing it?

    • Susan says:

      Hi Mary, I just asked about the same thing, since I'm wondering how people see the page, but then saw your question. Did you ever get an answer?

  26. Sherree says:

    If anyone finds out why the Impressions feature disappears, please post your response. I lost it 3 days ago and so far it has not come back. Has anyone who lost it got it back? Please let me know.

  27. Margot says:

    i used to see the impressions on my page and now i can, how can i set it back up? where do i go to be able to see them again?

  28. Sharlette says:

    I'm seeing it like this. An impression is knowing how many people you are reaching. Or, just how you can reach your audience. Professionally placed as a level marketing tool. Good! Thank you facebook for the feature of impressions. I am determined to build graciously from it. MY IMPRESSION TODAY = Right now, I want thank you for your impression. If, you are reading this… Also, join-in on this particular fb impression blog. As a fellow administrator. I to would like to learn more about this. Because, I love my fans. Doing my present best for the just and true. A special thank you to Caitlin Melvin. May your life and intensive cheerleader club competitions be blessed. Sincerely, Sharlette "LetteLove" Bates OXOX =)

  29. Mikell says:

    I am still in the "building" stage of our company FB page and have not "published" it yet. Every time I return to the the page, I see that the posts I have added to our wall (links to articles, a questionnaire, etc.) have more "impressions". Since I am the only one who can see this page (?) can I assume that the impressions are my own visits/views?

  30. Adolfo says:

    I have Mikell's same question, by checking my fan page, do i affect the impressions count? i have to check it several times a day due to the nature of my business, does someone know?

  31. Susan says:

    I recently set up a FB page for my book (short story collection) and it only has 6 likes, and yet I got 74 impressions for one post, and 57 for another. Where are all these impressions coming from do you think? WThe posts wouldn't show up on anyone's wall, I don't think.

  32. chris says:

    Hi i have recently lost my impressions, Could anyone help out as i find this extremely useful. I have tried Edit page – insights – interactions – details but this does not help as there is nothing there. It did however have lots of impressions a week or two ago.