Google to Consolidate SEO Industry

by Tom Tsinas April 1st, 2008 

A very good friend of mine, and senior executive with Google, suggested to me today that the search giant is imminently poised to begin consolidating the search engine optimization industry. Google plans to make SEO services available to web site owners and marketers directly, to better enable them to increase their advertising return on investment and make their web sites more effective, for free.

If you are scoffing at the possibility, let’s look at Google from a philosophical perspective. Google likes to have complete control. When Google decided it was serious about the video space it launched a new tab titled video on its home page. At a certain point the company realized YouTube was too strong a competitor and Google threw in the towel and purchased the video competitor. So one wonders if history may indeed repeat itself and Google will start with purchasing/hiring the largest SEO agencies and industry personalities.

In fact, I’m told, that a press release has already been drawn up announcing that it is interested in acquiring "leaders in search”. Apparently, the only thing that this acquisition strategy is subject to is having the following industry leaders accepting positions within this new department:

Marty Weintraub:

Director of Outdoor Adventures and Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer

Shana Albert:

Director of Culture Activities and Social Spamming

Paul Steven:

Director of European Football Operations and First Impressions

Michael Dorausch:

Director – In House Chiropractic Services and Local Maps Documentation Fragmentation Specialist

Tad Szewczyk

Director German Mexican Friendship Committee and Ruby on Rails Developer

Matt McGee

Director - Google Radio “All U2, All The Time”

Jeff Quipp:

Director of Hockey Operations and Senior Social Media Hacker

David Harry:

Director of Instigator Relations and Reverse Yahoo Search Engineer

So do I think Google will make such an acquisition? Maybe. On April Fools Day? Not!

PS, who do you think Google will “acquire” next and which SEO personality do you think they will integrate?

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16 Responses to “Google to Consolidate SEO Industry”

  1. Dev Basu says:

    Looks like I didn't make the cut! Could have been director of sneaky link drops or something to that effect. Happy April Fools!

  2. Dave says:

    hmmmmm… gonna have to get me some new business cards whipped up methinks Tom. I can see stock prices dropping drastically tomorrow on this news mind you. A pretty motley crew (except for Shana of course).

  3. You got me on that one guys! I saw the release earlier about Matt Cutts heading up Google's new SEO department for Performics at search engine roundtable, maybe that was a hoax as well, considering the timing.

  4. Marty says:

    You guyz are CRACKED! :)

  5. Shana Albert says:

    Hahaha!!! I love you guys…. you never fail to crack me up!!

  6. Mercy says:

    A very clever April Fool Day Crack!

  7. You so had me going…sad to say this is the only April fools I had all day!

    Thx for the laugh

  8. I knew as I started reading that.

    John Chow working for Google, i'd like to see that, lol.

  9. Tom Tsinas says:

    @ Dev, Dave, Jeffrey, Marty, Shana, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    PS, it is possible! 😉

  10. Awesome. Hehe. You actually had me thinking I'd better start getting my ass into gear if I've got any chance of getting noticed!! LOL. Happy April Fools Man.

  11. Malte says:

    There are way too many April 1st. jokes out there to read them all an April 1st :(

  12. Damn it!! I'm reading this on the 2nd and I was already contemplating a move to Mountain View and FREE SUSHI!!!

    Thanks for getting me excited over nothing 😛

  13. oh my …, i think this is true,
    April Fool cheers

  14. Ha Ha, I love it. Thanks for including me.

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