The SEO Value of a Google+ Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Alicia Thomas December 6th, 2012 

Because Google+ content will appear in Google's natural search results, it's important for your local business to have a page of it's own!

Did You Know?

  • Google+ attracted over 100,000,00 users within the first 6 months of its launch! Tweet This Stat!
  • 63% of Google+ Users are men with a tendency to post about technology. Tweet This Stat!
  • Sites with a Google +1 button across their site generate 3.5 times more visits to their Google+ Page than those without the button. Tweet This Stat!

Learn more about how to use Google+ to enhance your SEO efforts in our infographic.

Google+ Infographic
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The SEO Value of a Google+ Profile

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Alicia Thomas

Alicia is the Content Manager at Search Engine People, where she enjoys helping clients grow their online presence through creative and engaging content.

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3 Responses to “The SEO Value of a Google+ Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]”

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  2. Worli says:

    Google Plus is still in its early stages, but that does not mean it is a less effective tool for marketing. bloggers are now going to be encouraged to use Google Plus to boost SEO.

  3. […] meld je aan bij Google+, ga naar “meldingen voor naam en emailadres aanmaken”. Kom meer te weten over de Google+ SEO-factoren […]