Optimizing Your SlideShare Presentations for SEO

by Alicia Thomas June 18th, 2013 

Your existing presentations from speaking engagements and webinars have great potential to generate traffic for your website. So why not upload them to SlideShare, and get the maximum results from your presentation?

SlideShare is an under-utilized content marketing strategy that many businesses overlook. But SlideShare presentations have the ability to rank well in search engine results, so you should be optimizing all of your presentations for the keywords you want to rank for in search.

Here are the key factors you should take into consideration when you upload any type of presentation to SlideShare:

SlideShare SEO Tips

  • Filename
    Make sure the presentation you upload has a keyword-rich filename to help users find your content.
  • Title Slide
    This is the first thing that users will see and it will need to be eye-catching. This slide will be used as a thumbnail for your presentation on SlideShare and whenever users share it across the web. Make sure to use bold colours and a readable title.
  • Presentation Title
    Follow standard SEO guidelines here. Use an exact keyword phrase for best results. Titles should be shorter than 70 characters - anything longer will be truncated and your title will not display how you want it to.
  • Description
    This is the meta description of your presentation. You have a lot of room here, but keep it short, around 160 characters. Use keywords and also speak to your audience. Be a little sales-y so people will click through.
  • Tags
    You can choose up to 20 tags for your presentation - you will be included on the topic pages for all the tags you choose. Tags also count as text on the page where your presentation lives.
  • Category
    This is only important in terms of SlideShare's internal SEO. Choose the right category so that users can find your presentation through the site's own search. Category choices are limited, so try to choose the best fit.
  • Allow Downloads
    This is a must-do. You want to get your content out there, and allow users to share! Make sure your company's URL is somewhere in the presentation so users who read it outside of the context of SlideShare know who you are.
  • Transcript
    SlideShare will actually transcribe the text in your presentation so search engines know what's in it. Therefore, you should make sure that your presentation itself includes keyword rich text.
  • SlideShare Transcript

  • Social Media: The social shares of your presentation will boost its rankings.
  • Embeds: The number of places your presentation is embedded on other sites will boost its ranking and this also creates links back to your presentation from other sites.

Are you using SlideShare as a content marketing strategy? Let us know your tips for optimizing your presentations.

Alicia Thomas

Alicia is the Content Manager at Search Engine People, where she enjoys helping clients grow their online presence through creative and engaging content.

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2 Responses to “Optimizing Your SlideShare Presentations for SEO”

  1. This article looks like a guideline, "how to submit your presentation in slideshare" :) Kidding, really great articles, I see hundred of people are making these type of mistakes, their main focus is only to upload presentation.

  2. Alicia Thomas says:

    Glad you enjoyed the post Bilal!

    I agree, it is important to take the time to fill out all of the fields once you've uploaded your presentation. So easy to do, yet many people just upload their presentation and leave it.

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