The 10 PPC Big Win Resources Of 2013

by Robert Brady December 17th, 2013 


As the year nears its end, I thought I'd provide a few resources that can help you get some big wins before the new year.

  1. 70% of Mobile Searchers Use the Click to Call Function - If phone calls play an important role in your business, then you're missing out if you don't have call extensions enabled. Here's a quick orientation on what they look like and how they could be working for your business.
  2. Make Sure You Cover The Long Tail - Defined as keywords with 3+ words, these keywords convert 2.5X more than head terms. This post by Brad Geddes gives you step-by-step instructions for discovering them & making them profitable.
  3. Know Where Your Ads Are Showing - Every PPC platform has their main site (,,,, etc.), but they also have partner websites where their ads show as well. If you know where your ads are showing you can optimize much more intelligently.
  4. Learn Pivot Tables in Excel - This is one of the most powerful tools for analyzing your performance data, and it will only take you a few minutes to start getting valuable information.
  5. Learn From Experts - Ever wished you could instantly know what PPC experts already know? In this #PPCchat the experts tell you the things they wish they'd learned earlier in their careers. As the saying goes, "A wise man learns from his own mistakes, but a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others."
  6. Develop Personas to Guide Your Demographic Targeting - For platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter, your targeting options are much more nuanced than just a list of keywords. You need to know the demographics of your customers. This post provides a few questions to get you started down the right path.
  7. Take Advantage of the Holiday Season - Here is the Google AdWords Essential Guide to the Holidays checklist. Everything you need to know to have a happy holidays (in a business sense).
  8. Have A Facebook Strategy - We all know Facebook is huge and people spend a lot of time there. However, you need a strategy if you're going to be successful with Facebook Ads. Here is a very thorough post from the folks at AimClear on how you can do it right.
  9. Check Out the AdWords Opportunities Tab - Understanding that Google is always trying to get you to spend more, they still have some good suggestions. Look through this data and find some additional ideas to give your campaigns a boost.
  10. Have Product? Try PLAs - It's been a few months since Google Shopping stopped being free and was replaced with Product Listing Ads (PLAs). If you haven't gotten your data feed together and tried it out, you're probably missing out on sales.

There you have it folks, 10 PPC big wins that you can help you enjoy the holiday season. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Robert Brady

Robert Brady is the head PPC wizard at Righteous Marketing, a Google AdWords Certified Partner and Microsoft adExcellence Member. He manages PPC accounts for both small and large businesses and offers a PPC training program for the DIYer.

Righteous Marketing

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4 Responses to “The 10 PPC Big Win Resources Of 2013”

  1. Aahna says:

    Great work Robert,

    I never used pivot tables before, but I guess it's really important for PPC campaign analysis. I have bookmarked the mentioned resource and will read it carefully.

    • Ruud Hein says:

      Pivot tables are very helpful. I also love setting filters on all columns. Much of that you can do with pivot tables yet the filtered view helps me :)

  2. matt coffy says:

    Don't forget about setting goals with your customer that you can review and make adjustments for better demos/conv/ect. based on actual sales and recorded leads.