20 Tumblr Stats Marketers Can’t Ignore

by Bernadette Coleman October 21st, 2013 

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Recently I learned about Tumblr from my teenage daughter and thought I would share my thoughts here on this blog. The more I learn about Tumblr, the more I see it has everything. From the downright inspirational to the gutturally profane. Yup, Tumblr has it all.

Go figure The service now hosts 138.6 million blogs complete with a whopping 62.3 billion posts at the time of this article was written. Now thats a whole lotta humanity right there.

Naturally, such a giant is going to spur more than a little interest within the online marketing community. And with marketing comes statistics on who should or could leverage this growing platform.

So without further ado, here are some real standout tumblr facts:

  1. The average visit to Tumblr is 14 minutes, longer than Twitter or Facebook
  2. The average Tumblr user views around 67 pages per month
  3. 17% of Tumblr visits happen during work
  4. 35% of Tumblr visitors earn more than $50,000 annually
  5. 7.2% of Flickrs referral traffic came from Tumblr
  6. 65% of Tumblr's audience has a college education
  7. 66% of visitors are under 35 and 39% are under 25
  8. 56% of all visitors have at least some collegiate education
  9. Tumblr has grown 74% in 2013, compared to Twitter and LinkedIn's 40%
  10. The top 10 Tumblr tags are lol, fashion, food, art, vintage, landscape, tattoos, black and white, makeup, and illustration
  11. Most unique visitors originate in Seoul at 1,694,000+
  12. Comparatively, 898,000+ visitors were in New York and 753,419+ in LA for September, 2013
  13. California accounts for 16.75% of all unique visits within the U.S.
  14. 31% of all visitors are in the U.S, totaling 41,250,000
  15. 9% of US visits happen through mobile devices.
  16. 16% of Tumblr visitors are Hispanic, 7% more than the 9% average.
  17. 36% of visitors are parents, 13% less than average.
  18. Only 31 of the Top 100 Brands Use Tumblr
  19. 28 of the 31 brands are also on Instagram or Pinterest
  20. Tumblr is the fifth most visited site throughout the U.S.

Whew! Thats a whole lotta data. Well worth the review though, as it leads to some interesting takeaways. Some of the most striking:

  1. Tumblr is a total youth market, and plans on staying that way with the current search filter.
  2. Users of Tumblr not only have disposable cash, theyre looking to consume. Restaurants featuring gold-infused foie gras, Chanel, and Lamborghini may want to pass though.
  3. Prents on Tumblr might be posting and present, but said users are decidedly not mainstream and wont likely be interested in the next nannycam or crib.
  4. While near all local markets can benefit from a Tumblr account, US businesses servicing the West Coast, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois will probably enjoy the best results.
  5. Tumblrs posters are more concerned with expression than technology, industry, or businessunless it enables them to express themselves.
  6. Images are huge, in fact theyre worth far more than 1,000 words for Yahoo!

Just like any other social platform, Tumblr is something to be explored. Only good things can come from it, particularly for brands looking to prime future consumers or targeting a younger or alternative crowd. However, many will find it an opportunity cost compared to the benefits found at Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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Image Courtesy of: cyberpopblog.com

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