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How to Get Around Google’s New Local Business Review Guidelines

On August 29th, 2016, Google significantly updated their requirements for adding review rich snippets to local business schema markup. The updated guidelines make it much more difficult for local businesses to use review rich snippets since all reviews must be [...]

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What To Blog For A Small Local Business

What should you say and how should you say it to improve your search engine optimization?

For a small business, blogging can be a powerful tool for increasing traffic and therefore business leads. But about what should [...]

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5 Local SEO Pitfalls That Can Cost You

If you would have asked a small business owner 10-20 years ago, “What’s your greatest challenge to getting found by new customers?” She may have said something about how her location could be better or he may have [...]

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If Google Is So Smart, Do I Still Need Local SEO?

Many are the articles that dare to speculate whether SEO and Local SEO in particular have already become obsolete or inadequate to the ever-changing Google search environment. Titles like: “Is SEO Dead?” “Is Technical SEO [...]

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Reviewing The Stats: The What, When & How of Consumer Search

Having a powerful online presence is critical to success. The overwhelming majority of consumers turn to the Web before visiting a local business for the first time, and they are likely to compare pricing with a competitor's while in store, [...]

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Search Marketing Solutions For Firms With Franchises

Maintaining a local web presence for a franchise business is a challenge. Each franchise site (or microsite) has to be treated as a separate case and optimized for local search individually.

Businesses can ensure its franchise websites show [...]

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Unlocking The Power Of Local Content To Drive Engagement And Increase Revenue

When it comes to local SEO, creative local content is one of the best tools to get people engaged with a brand or business. A business's content marketing strategy should include the consistent production of various types of local-focused content. [...]

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Benchmark Your Locations With This Local Status Report

It can be difficult for local business with multiple locations when it comes to do the status benchmark. However, it is important to know where you stand, what it needs to be corrected and what is the opportunity for [...]

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Facebook Market for Local Services

Facebook has launched a directory that connects users with local businesses and organizations with the best Facebook reviews and ratings.

This can be huge especially now that Google Plus removed almost all the local component from the G+ page. [...]

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Why You Need Local Focused Landing Pages And How To Create Them

Businesses with a brick-n-mortar location, or those that serve a specific area, need to capitalize on local search. With consumers searching increasingly from mobile devices, it is even more important.

The fact is that local search results show based [...]

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