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How To Prioritize Social Media Efforts

Gone are they days where marketers could afford to ignore the shiny new ball that is social media. It is no longer something that marketers should be experimenting with; it’s 2017, and using social platforms have become a bare minimum [...]

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Making Videos for Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts

With a billion YouTubers watching hundreds of millions of hours of video daily, and Facebook and Snapchat clocking up 8 billion daily video views between them, online video has become the medium of choice in the digital marketing world.

Jumping on [...]

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How To Change The Owner Of A Facebook Ad Account

No matter what, Facebook continues to be a solid source of brand awareness and has now expanded it’s influence into the purchasing funnel.

The percentage of consumers that admit having their purchasing choices skewed by a company’s social [...]

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How To Increase Engagement On Instagram


In this day and age, engagement matters.

Your social media content has to do more than catch a person’s eye. If you want it to bring you business, it has to get that person to act. There [...]

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Facebook Lead Ads: Setting Up Your First Campaign

Facebook Ads is a REAL bargain for any marketer and business owner.

However, many advertisers recently noticed an uncomfortable truth: it is getting more and difficult to acquire new leads and step them into your funnel. [...]

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8 Tips for More Effective Tweets

Is there an art to effective tweeting? Communicating in 140 characters is not easy. How do online publishers attract, in bite-sized morsels, new visitors? How does one get new visitors to spend more time on your site and encourage [...]

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Identify Cold, Warm & Hot Leads On Twitter

You know that millions of people use Twitter on a daily basis, offering vast potential for finding leads. Keywords, hashtags and social bios are built-in breadcrumbs leading you to a feast of prospects. But how do you know which [...]

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Instagram – Your Business Needs To Get Some Of This

In 2013, Nathan Chan launched Foundr Magazine, a digital publication for entrepreneurs who are in their startup phases. Some friends encouraged him to begin his marketing on Instagram, and he, in fact, focused primarily on this platform. Within six months, [...]

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How to 3X More Instagram Followers

With Instagram being the fastest growing social network for brands, it’s where your business needs to be. In fact, the number of brand followers increases at an average of 6-8% every month. But how exactly do you drive that growth [...]

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4 Proven Methods to Turn Your Social Media Followers into Raving Fans

Your social media followers like your posts, comment on your content, and even click on your links from time to time.

What they don’t do, however, is tell their friends about your brand.

You have a problem faced by so many businesses [...]

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