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4 Proven Methods to Turn Your Social Media Followers into Raving Fans

Your social media followers like your posts, comment on your content, and even click on your links from time to time.

What they don’t do, however, is tell their friends about your brand.

You have a problem faced by so many businesses [...]

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3 Social Media Success Strategies

Social Media is is a competitive place to have your content seen or shared by people. But once you get the inside information on how to use it, you will enjoy great success from your post.

But why not have success [...]

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How To Run A LinkedIn Community That Amplifies Value

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms to market your B2B business effectively.

According to this study, 88% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for marketing their products/services.

The same study shows that 42% of all [...]

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Influencer Marketing 101 – Top Influencers Share Their Success Secrets [Interview] (Part 5)

The previous articles in the "Influencer Marketing 101" series covered the following areas: How to identify and track the right influencers (Part 1) Proven influencer pitching tactics (Part 2) Creative Ways to Compensate Influencers [...]

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Social Media For Customer Acquisition

What do you want to get out of your social media marketing?

For most companies, the benefits they expect to see are: increasing exposure (89%) developing loyal fans (68%) providing marketplace insights (66%).

These [...]

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How To Run A Twitter Advertisement Campaign

Twitter lets you create objective based ad campaigns in order to reach the right people at the right time. Whether you want to stay local or reach a global audience, Twitter is the perfect platform for your advertising needs. You [...]

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Need More Links and Shares? Stir Up a Little Controversy (A List of Do’s and Dont’s)

If you’ve been in the content marketing game for a while, you know an unfortunate reality: Not every campaign will be a viral hit. For every “Most Interesting Man in the World,” there is another idea out there that will [...]

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How Do You Measure Social ROI?

The impact of social media on sales and revenue is still something that businesses struggle to measure, even with its wide use in marketing. And without knowing the hard numbers, it can be difficult to improve your current strategy.

However, by [...]

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A Check List of 15 Social Media Tips to Kindle Audience Engagement

If there's one metric that represents a definite and direct result of social media marketing, it is social media engagement.
What Is Social Media Engagement? Why Is It Important For Your Business?
Engagement is the sum of likes, shares and comments that [...]

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How To Use Social Media To Source Articles & Engage Readers

Social media services have given journalists new tools to discover hard-to-find sources and identify hot topics. In many ways, this allows for quicker bottom-up reporting, tied less to cyclical events or the agendas of established industry players. Likely, it gives [...]

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