Whether you're on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any social platform for that matter – the art of gaining likes remains quite similar across all fronts. Gaining likes is a great way to help establish your brand's credibility, expand your reach and gain authority for your social media profiles. There are 2 ways you can gain […]

I know what you're thinking – people still use StumbleUpon? That's what I was thinking too. So I blew the dust off my old account as I tried – and failed – to login. One password reset later, and here I am, looking at the forgotten Stumbles of my past. The last time I used […]

Influencer marketing is more than just another trend in digital media. It continues to gain popularity because it's powerful and its impact reflects on the bottom line of your business. In fact, a report by SocialChorus reveals that . Influencers are consumers who believe in your brand. They play a key role in increasing brand […]

How To Do Social Media Market Research

by Sameer Panjwani June 10th, 2015

In the early days of digital marketing, brands and businesses could get away with a lot of shady tactics: overwhelming email spam, sketchy banners and over-the-top, aggressive marketing messages. Flash forward to today, consumers are wiser and they have an arsenal of anti-spam and ad blocker tools that promote consumer empowerment and help them keep […]

My search for "Who should I follow on Twitter" produced 1,220,000,000 results in 0.52 seconds. Clearly, the Internet has a lot of advice on the topic. Every post had one thing in common – the featured influencers were selected by the number of followers. They use promotional style of posting since it would be nearly […]

Are you always looking for helpful and interesting content to share on your social media? Do you find it difficult to find the right content for your audience? Finding content has always been a big pain for social media marketer. Because there is just too much content around the web. That's why curating content has […]

Did you know that ? Smart social selling is a game-changer for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is also important to note that it does require a well-defined strategy in addition to taking a significant investment of time if you are going to really make a difference for your bottom line. If you […]

As a marketing professional who believes in the power of big data, I see statistics all of the time. But every once in a while I read something that just makes me stop and go, "…Really??" So recently I set out to document all of those "really??" moments by collecting compelling, action-able, and downright jaw-dropping […]

4 Steps To Social Media Spring Cleaning

by Kristy Bolsinger May 14th, 2015

Keep your social in tip-top functioning shape by executing these simple, clean procedures in no-time

  Power to the people! In the age of digital marketing this statement speaks volumes to the level of control individual consumers have over the success of particular businesses and brands. Research shows consumers continue to heavily rely on peer reviews when researching local businesses to engage with. In a world saturated with marketing material […]