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20 IFTTT Recipes To Master Social Media Marketing

There are many aspects to digital marketing that require constant surveillance and monitoring, perhaps none more so than social media. In a day and age where customers go online, tweet at a company and respect a response instantly, it's quite [...]

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10 Apps To Boost Your Social Media Performance

Let's go through 10 apps and services that not only improve your social media posts, but improve your whole social media campaign, from content creation, to implementation to tracking.
1. IFTTT (If This Then That)

If This Then That is an app [...]

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Social Media Management Pain Points And How You Can Deal With Them

Social media platforms offer entrepreneurs and marketers a great opportunity to boost their business and marketing capabilities by allowing them to connect directly with their audience. And yet, despite all the social media marketing tips and tricks that are freely [...]

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How To Get Targeted Traffic Without Relying On Search Engines

Traffic simply does not mean just visitors; before you start with the traffic campaign make sure you have mark your goals. Focus on attracting targeted visitors, who can increase your online income; the ultimate aim of every online business.
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How To Write The Most Optimal Social Media Status Updates

A current and common question from businesses finding their way on social media is...
How can we save time, and prepare status updates for social networks like Facebook and Twitter?
Key Words
While what and how we write is important, a good initial [...]

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10 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Increase Tweets From Your Blog

For most blogs Twitter has never been the primary source of social traffic. It lags far behind Facebook and YouTube when it comes to social leads.

But, Twitter has another power over blog readers. A Twitter counter aside your post title [...]

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10 Priceless & Powerful Content Curation Tools

How Is Content Curation Different From Content Creation?

Content curation is the process of discovering, collating, and presenting content relevant to a particular topic.

The function of content curation and content creation is similar since both aim [...]

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Simple Ways To Get Real Traffic to Your Business

The biggest names have highly sophisticated sites and Internet Marketing budgets that can exceed the entire revenue of most small companies. With a little Gumption, you can compete.
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5 Unlikely Service Industries That Should Be On Pinterest

It's time for businesses to reconsider marketing on Pinterest, aka the fastest growing social destination on the net (TechCrunch). When Pinterest first began to establish itself as a viable player in the social media game, legions of marketing and media [...]

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Bulletproof Your Social Media Strategy By Following This Framework

If you want to do social media right, you need to be strategic. Many of us don't start out that way. We sign up for a site to try it out and fumble around till we understand how it [...]

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