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Top 5 Technical Issues Large Sites Have with AngularJS

If you’re building a large website with AngularJS, you have your work cut out for you. A large site is a big enough undertaking already, and AngularJS doesn’t exactly make things any easier. Due to your project’s large [...]

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Top 5 Website Performance Testing Tools

Among the many important ranking factors there's speed.

Searchmetrics ranking factors report found that the top 10 highest ranking sites were also the fastest.

Moz found out that it's not the general speed of [...]

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Creating Your Company Using $0

If someone told you that your startup could cost you nothing to get off the ground, you would think it was a joke. It may sound impossible, but it truly isn’t with careful planning, a pinch of talent, and a [...]

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13 WordPress Conversion Testing Plugins

“Most websites don’t have a massive traffic problem; however, every website in the world has a conversion problem.” - Bryan Eisenberg
These wise words convey a strong message -- all of us should care about conversion optimization. And there are so [...]

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Crawlability: Just How Well Can Google Crawl JavaScript

Google has crawled JavaScript since 2008. The idea that Google can crawl these types of pages is nothing new. The problem? Google wasn’t able to gather a whole lot of amount of information from JavaScript pages, limiting their ability to [...]

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No, Virginia, Google Doesn’t Index AJAX Sites

After announcing last October that Google does not recommend the Ajax crawling system they launched in 2009, SEO strategists and web developer throughout the country are wondering whether or not Google’s search crawlers can effectively pull AJAX content. [...]

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Crucial For Your Site: HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security)

Hacking is out of control this year. However, a solution exists that can completely shut down several common hacks.

HSTS is becoming the most effective anti-hacking measure against man-in-the-middle attacks. HSTS, or “HTTP strict transport security, [...]

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PX Design: Tailored User eXperience For Individuals

Personalization is the newest frontier for UX professionals. An overall positive user experience for a vast audience is obviously still a goal, but taking collected knowledge about individual users, leads, visitors, or customers whatever the case may be is [...]

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Extending WordPress: 10 Super Powerful WordPress Plugins

When it comes to a platform to run your website on, WordPress is a pretty common one. As everyone probably already knows, WordPress is only limited by the plugins available or the development skills you have. In other words, you [...]

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The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Site Speed Optimization

We all are being pushed towards a mobile first consumer marketplace and SMB's are still lagging behind in terms of a mobile optimized website. With lightning fast internet connections and 4G standards already in place, the time has never [...]

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