Friday Funnies: Best Friends

by Tom Tsinas August 15th, 2008 

Friday Funnies: Best Friends

Source: Geek And Poke

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14 Responses to “Friday Funnies: Best Friends”

  1. Could not have done better than this post to describe what is happening in Twitter! Did I have a laugh! Thanks.

  2. Contest Live says:

    LOL, that is a pretty funny comic. So true :-p

  3. It's at that point when Social Networking falls short — we have to ask ourselves (and others) just how well do we actually know the people we call "friends" on-line?

  4. Metaspring says:

    It has almost come to that for a lot of people: if you dont twitter, you are not avile!

  5. Andrew says:

    haha, this article made my day :)
    Bookmarked this blog! 😀

  6. MethodKid says:

    Nice one. This one made my day.

  7. Utah SEO says:

    So true. The other day I found myself defining a friendship I had with someone as "good" just because of our Twitter status. Pretty sad.

  8. twitter is an addict!!

  9. Man, there are so many people I don't even talk to anymore but I'm still so involved with their lives simply because I follow them on twitter..

  10. Rita says:

    He is on vacation, or dead.. LOOOL, it's funny!
    Twitter is really addict? ;):D

  11. Geekstep says:

    Hahaha very nice

    love thse comic things

    Hope to see more

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  12. Sarah Hayes says:

    LOL very nice, even though it was kind of short but very cute! Keep the funny comics coming, thanx!

  13. Hehehe… LOL This is exactly what seems to be happening with twitter. Thanks!