Friday Funnies: Blog for Food

by Tom Tsinas January 11th, 2008 

At some level, I'm sure we can all relate to this!

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8 Responses to “Friday Funnies: Blog for Food”

  1. Peter Wood says:

    Very good. I can relate to that. Blogging is certainly a labor of love sometimes.

  2. Jeff Quipp says:

    Food for thought! hehe :)

  3. Mike says:

    I love the Friday Funnies, keeps me coming back to this blog.

  4. Mark Dykeman says:

    I hunger, therefore I blog?

  5. Nick James says:

    I see myself in ten years time, Tom. V. funny.
    Don't know why, but I can't seem to stumble it. When I go through to the review page it claims no record.

  6. Tom Tsinas says:

    @ Nick, just stumbled it. it worked for me.

    @ Mark, Jeff, very witty responses!

    @ Mike, glad you love it! I enjoy finding them!

  7. I lol'd. Great post. Keep up the good work.

  8. vkeong says:

    I am already blogging for food lol

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