Friday Funnies……Will Not Fix Your Computer!

by Tom Tsinas July 25th, 2008 

Friday Funnies: will not fix your computer


source: PC Weenies

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12 Responses to “Friday Funnies……Will Not Fix Your Computer!”

  1. Utah SEO says:

    I so need that sign. I feel his pain.

  2. Douglas Karr says:

    This is exactly why my good friend Patric started! I've already referred my friends and family. :)

  3. Oh, how familiar that sounds. This has really happened to me!

  4. Lily says:

    Yeap, it i sreally funny. It is the very thing needed on Friday

  5. paulette says:

    This is funny:)

  6. Portland SEO says:

    I'm the website guy for the inlaws. It is amazing how old that gets.

  7. I have a feeling that if I had that sign, it wouldn't deter anyone, anyway :(

  8. It's kinda of hard to reject, especially when they are your relatives.

  9. OMG, that's me with my family. I love fixing computers, but the tech support family calls can be frustrating at times.

  10. jeflin says:

    If they made PCs so hardy and problem-free, it doesn't make business sense.

  11. I'd like to have this very sign. How can I get it? 😉

  12. This namely thing once happened to me. Thanks for reminding!