Friday Funnies: Real Follower

by Tom Tsinas August 1st, 2008 

twitter real follower

Source: Geek And Poke

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22 Responses to “Friday Funnies: Real Follower”

  1. Horse Racing says:

    LOL that is classic!

  2. impNERD says:

    Hah, that's about right. There are some things announced on Twitter I love to read, but then there are the food people..

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  4. Metaspring says:

    LOL! I suppose i am just not a REAL follower then.

  5. Otooo says:

    OMG, I just had to laugh when I saw it knowing about how people overuse Twitter – thanks for sharing it :)

  6. A very tongue in cheek poke at both how popular twitter is becoming, as well as how unreliable the service actually is!

  7. What we have done with our lives! What a cartoon to illustrate this! Truly illustrative of our lives today. Some times, I wonder where all this will end.

  8. Lol that is pretty funny!

  9. jeflin says:

    That is really funny and it reminds us about the little or rather ridiculous things we follow about other people's life.


  10. paulette says:

    I never thought of that:) Nice catch line.

  11. Utah SEO says:

    So use Plurk instead :)

  12. syria says:

    it really funny
    thank u

  13. Sunil Pathak says:

    Lol if thats what you call a real follower then i am still a newbie

  14. hahaha, so true. I still don't get the whole Twitter phenomenon, but people are nuts about it.

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  16. Twitter is a really great place for great friends. They share their ideas and really follow their friends.

  17. Thanks for a funny break!!

  18. The follower is real indeed ;)

  19. Hah, this strikes the heart of Twitter addicts. Unfortunately, I'm one of them :(

  20. chineseguy says:

    I am not invloved with Twitter yet, but I believe Internet is very very addictive.

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