Friday Funnies: The First Captcha

by Tom Tsinas June 6th, 2008 

The First Captcha

Source: Geek and Poke

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9 Responses to “Friday Funnies: The First Captcha”

  1. Top Rated says:

    I really hate captchas'. They've gotten so extreme, half the time I have to guess at them. The toon is pretty funny though. So, the guy with the club whacks you over the head if you get it wrong?

  2. seo blog says:

    They should get read of the "bot" and instead use something like T-rex.

  3. Wii Boy says:

    @Top Rated….surely it is the spammers that you should hate, they are the ones that use bots and force sites to implement preventative measures.

    Just my two pennies worth.

    Yeah, cartoon is funny!

  4. Xel deCassis says:

    Aha, now I know who invented the captcha. This cartoon is hilarious! :)

  5. paulette says:

    Funny cartoons. Nice re-enactment for captchas:)

  6. Uh… lemme try this one…

    The dead deer lies on the path of destruction of the half-rendered humans that are hunting it's brethren? Did I get it right? Can I enter your cave yet?

  7. Metaspring says:

    LOL, enjoyed that, thanks for posting it! Just a thought: is that a club the guy is holding in his hand in a threatening way "read the captcha or else" or is it meant to represent a mic "please speak into the microphone'?

  8. Loved this comic. Good job geek and poke

  9. Eva White says:

    Love this cartoon. Can just imagine the caveman developing capchas. Wonder how the art critics were dealt with in that period of time?!