Email marketing is often a large component of a social media marketing campaign, and a regular newsletter can do a great job of promoting your business. However, you've got to make sure all key components of a successful e-newsletter are there.

Here is my list of the top 9 things I make sure to include in every email campaign I send.

1. A Good Subject Line

If your email's subject line is bad, no one will open it. And if no one opens your newsletter, they aren't reading what you have to say, no matter how good your content is. Make your subject line so good that readers just have to click.

2. Personality

Show your readers that you and your company are real people - you can do this through fun photos or updates about what's happening around your office. Always give your newsletter a personal touch that your audience can relate to.

3. Images

No one wants to read a wall of text. Break up your content with relevant images, but don't overdo it!

4. An Offer

You need to have a reason for people to open and keep subscribing to your newsletter. Whether it's a discount, whitepaper, or free trial, a special offer is key to retaining subscribers and keeping them interested , opening, and clicking every month.

5. How Did I Get on Your Mailing List?

Recipients forget where and when they signed up for your mailing list all the time. To prevent false spam reports, remind your recipients how they got on your list. MailChimp does a nice job of making sure you've got all this information in the footer of every email you send by making it a required component.

MailChimp Email Footer

6. Links to Your Social Networks

Your email newsletter is a great way to direct readers to your social networking profiles - each email you send out could mean another Like, Follower, or Pin.

7. Link to View in a Browser

Don't miss out on those users who can't view your email properly in their inbox or on their mobile phone! Make sure you have a link to view your newsletter in a browser so your email is not ignored.

8. Link to Your Website

Don't forget to include a link to your website! After all, you're sending your email out in the hopes that they will come back to your site!

9. A Visible Opt-Out Link

Make sure your unsubscribe link is accessible. People who really don't want to be on your mailing list anymore are going to click your "Unsubscribe" link, or their "This is spam" button. Which would you prefer? Therefore it's better to give your subscribers the opportunity to opt-out from your newsletter before you become flagged as spam.

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Alicia Thomas

Alicia is the Content Manager at Search Engine People, where she enjoys helping clients grow their online presence through creative and engaging content.

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2 Responses to “9 Things To Include in Every Email Newsletter You Send”

  1. Leo says:

    Another extremely essential thing is to have a clear CTA, or call to action, in all your emails, as you would do with any and all of your marketing efforts online and offline. Your CTA should be clear, precise, and should be able to grab the attention of your recipients immediately.

  2. Duffy says:

    A good email can be such an important marketing tool helping to keep your name prominent in your prospective clients mind, thus the subject line is so important, and needs to include all the important features in a few words – showing that you are a real person with a compelling reason to open. No better way than a hint of a tempting offer!