Facebook can benefit your marketing efforts in numerous ways, and here is how it can be used to grow your email list.

While there are several options to choose from, Facebook just may have the most potential of all due to its massive size alone.

Of course size isnt everything as far as potential in the social space goes, but with 750 million users and counting, the power of this particular service cannot be understated.

Put A Sign-up Form On Your Page

One of the many advantages Facebook has over other social networks is the page.

Formerly known as a fan page, pages are essentially designed for brands who want to connect with their audiences in ways that go beyond what a regular profile can accommodate.

A perfect example of this is the ability they give you to include a sign-up form for your email list. This process is a bit different since Facebook did away with its FBML application in favor of an iFrame-based infrastructure.

On the bright side, the process is arguably even easier as the current infrastructure is primarily driven by HTML. With the help of your ESP, you can easily incorporate a sign-up form that allows fans to subscribe just as they would on your website.

Ask Fans To Subscribe

Sometimes a specific call to action works best.

For example, if you publish a monthly newsletter, you could post a status update once a month hyping the fact that your next edition is about to launch, and let fans know they can subscribe to receive it.

Be sure to include a valid link to your sign-up form, clearly (and briefly) explain the benefits of your newsletter, and youd be surprised at how many new subscriptions you are able to generate with this approach. 

Be Active

Instead of asking fans to join your list at every opportunity that comes along, engage them in conversations  and get them interacting with your brand on the network. Remember, Facebook is highly extendable as a platform, so there are plenty of applications you can incorporate to engage your audience and encourage interaction.

The more active you are, the more interesting you will appear to fans who want to know more about what you have in store.

There are a countless number of ways to build an email list, and as you can see, Facebook alone can account for a few of them. Social media isnt the answer for every marketer, but if you think it can work for you, this platform could be the solution to bolstering your overall marketing efforts.